Segment Connection Kit - 2x 4mm Soft Shackles


Segment Connection Kit - 2x 4mm Soft Shackles

Say hello to the new Segment Connection Kits from Balance Community. These kits include everything you need to connect 2 segments together on a long highline. The kits we sell are aimed at a "2-through-4" type of connection system, where you install 2 connectors through all 4 sewn loops of your two segments (2 mainline sewn loops and 2 backup sewn loops).

This kit includes 2x 4mm x 15cm soft shackles made from Amsteel Blue, coated Silver. It also includes 2x soft thimbles to be placed under both sewn loops on both sides. The thimbles are made from either Green or Green 20, depending on what width you select. These thimbles are a must when using soft connectors on sewn loops.

The 4mm soft shackles are to be double wrapped between the 4 sewn loops. The heads of the soft shackles should be buried inside of the sewn loops. One head per side, as shown in the second photo.

The entire kit weighs just 36 grams, less than half the weight of a single quicklink. This is one of the lightest ways to safely connect 2 segments together.

Spliced and assembled here in our warehouse in Colorado.

Tech Specs


Rope Diameter – 4.0 mm (0.16 inches)

Shackle Inner Diameter – 130 mm

Total Weight – 36 g (1.27 oz)


MBS Single Wrap – 32 kN (7,193 lbf)

MBS Double Wrap – 55kN (12,364 lbf)

WLL – 5.3 kN (1,200 lbf)


Raw Material – Dyneema SK-78 (Amsteel Blue)

Manufacture Method – 12-strand Class II Braid

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