High strength retention line-lock ring

The line-lock ring reinvented. The unique shape and geometry of the MightyLock give it unprecedented strength rentention with optimized fitting on shackle pins. Great for static ends, backups, and longlines!


Introducing the all new MightyLock from Balance Community. This little guy is fantastic as a line-locker ring. The unique shape provides a very efficient method for anchoring your webbing directly to the pin of a shackle!

Because of the square shape with rounded bars, this line-locker ring retains 90%+ of the webbing strength, when used properly! That's a substantial improvement over standard line-locker methods and considerably higher than the frost knot.

We recommend using the MightyLock for anchoring your backup lines as well as a line-locker for longlines in the park. Or, if you do not have sewn loops on your webbing, this can be a great webbing anchor for your static end.

Works best with 12mm bow shackles (sold separately).

Strength Retention Maximized

Never worry if your webbing anchor is reducing your line strength again

Traditional line-lockers have been used since the early days of slacklining with chain links or steel rings. These types of webbing anchors have always been known to reduce the webbing strength by as much as 25 - 30%. This has really diminished their usefullness for highline and longline applications as there was the risk of damaging or even breaking your webbing in highly dynamic events.


This is not the case for the MightyLock! We've designed it in a way that boosts the strength retention of your webbing to over 85%! This beats most weblocks on the market, giving you the confidence you need for a bomb-proof, non-slipping webbing anchor. Never worry about that static anchor, backup anchor, or longline anchor again with the MightyLock's impressive strength in such a tiny package.

Optimized Geometry Galore!

Built for the webbing and hardware we already use

It's always a bummer to have a piece of gear that only works with specific other pieces, particularly when rigging lines with friends and pooling gear together. With the MightyLock, we ensured it would work with shackles that most people are already using.

MightyLock on a 12mm bow shackle

When using the 25mm side of the MightyLock, it works on the pin side of standard 12mm bow shackles, the old BC Shackles, the newer BC SS Shackles, and the latest BC Shackle. It works on the bow side of just about any shackle.

When using the 20mm side, it works on the pin side of standard 10mm bow shackles, 1/2" Van Beest Shackles, and any standard 1/2" Anchor Shackle. It works on the bow side of just about any shackle.

Works With 25mm AND 20mm Webbings!

One way works with standard 25mm lines and the other way works with narrower 20mm lines!

With the immergence of different widths of webbing, we wanted to be sure we offered a product that can work with a variety of different widths. The MightyLock has built-in compatibility with 25mm (1-inch) webbings, which is widely the standard for longlines and highlines. It also works with 20mm (0.78-inch) webbings, which is a width that isn't widely used just yet, but may be in the future with some upcoming product releases we have.

MightyLock with Secondaire

Be mindful that when using the jaw-side of a shackle that you should pair the right width with the correct shackle. For the 25mm side, a 12mm bow shackle is best. For the 20mm side, a 10mm bow shackle or 1/2" anchor shackle is best.

Comes with nifty catch cord.

Never lose your MightyLock with the included catch cord.

Dropping gear really really sucks, particularly when highlining. We've decided to help prevent that issue by including a little catch cord with the MightyLock.

MightyLock catch cord

The cord is tied in a simple loop and is made from 2.75mm GloCord from Sterling. It's highly contrasting with the MightyLock to make sure you can see it when clipping it to something while rigging. It works best when attached to the shackle you are using with the ring.


Inner Length – 26.0 mm (1.02 inches)

Inner Width – 20.0 mm (0.79 inches)

Thickness – 12.0 mm (0.47 inches)

Weight – 54 g (1.90 oz)


MBS – 42.0 kN (9,450 lbf)

WLL – 10.0 kN (2,250 lbf)

Retention – 85% + of webbing MBS


Ring Material – Anodized Aluminum Alloy 7075

Cord Material – 2.75mm Accessory Cord - Orange

User Manual

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