BC Spanni Round Sling


Introducing the all new BC Spanni Round Slings, a lightweight, low cost anchor sling that is strong as an Ox. These slings are vibrantly colored purple and black and feature a large number of rigging options. Truly a robust sling to anchor your longlines, highlines, and even tricklines.

Vibrant Colors

Easily spot your anchor slings from afar

Vibrant purple with black accents makes these round slings easily spotted so you know you are on a trusted sling with a quick glance at your anchors.

BC Spanni

Multiple Rigging Options

A simple sling turns into one of the most useful rigging tools

From simple uses like wrapping a tree or a boulder, to complex rigging scenarious such as anchor extensions, scorpion wraps, or even load securement, the BC Spanni's are a versatile sling that is an excellent tool for the gear bag.

BC Spanni


Vertical WLL – 10.0 kN (2,200 lbs)

Basket WLL – 20.0 kN (4,400 lbs)

Safety Margin – 5-to-1

Choker WLL – 8.0 kN (1,800 lbs)


Core Material – High Strength Polyester

Cover Material – Double-wall polyester tubular webbing


4 footer – 333 g (0.74 lbs)

6 footer – 497 g (1.10 lbs)

8 footer – 651 g (1.44 lbs)

10 footer – 803 g (1.77 lbs)

12 footer – 966 g (2.13 lbs)

20 footer – 1,628 g (3.59 lbs)

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