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  • Aluminum 3-hole Rigging Plate

    Aluminum 3-hole Rigging Plate

    A lightweight, strong, and compact rigging plate, ideal for the tensioning-end of your park lines. With 3 rigging holes and a large anchor hole, the 3-hole plate serves as a...
  • MadRock Safeguard

    The MadRock Safeguard is auto-belay device that is fantastic for use as a brake in your pulley system. It's a very small device with excellent holding power. A sturdy release...
  • CAMP Dryad Double Pulley

    The CAMP Dryad Double Pulley is a compact and efficient double pulley that is fantastic for longlines. It's small enough that it fits nicely in your pack and big enough...
  • SBI Pulley System

    SBI Pulley System

    A strong, versatile, and robust pulley system built to last. The SBI Pulleys are a fantastic tool for the cost-conscious slackliner that needs an easy way to get their lines...
  • Edelrid Wind Up

    Lightweight, compact chest ascender that's great for a multiplier on a pulley system. Comes with two large eyes for clipping to, ideal for attaching a multiplier pulley. Works with 8...
  • Edelrid Eddy

    The Edelrid Eddy is a fantastic brake for your pulley system. The low profile design works very well with the embedded brake technique using the SMC 3" Double PMP's. Even...
  • SBI Pulley Set

    SBI Pulley Set

    The Slackline Brothers Inc. (SBI) Pulleys are a fantastic entry tensioning system. These pulleys come with an integrated brake, which makes them the most economical and easy to use pulley...
  • Edelrid Spoc

    A compact and efficient progress capture device that is ideal for taglines. The innovative cam works fantastic with ropes as small as 5mm, making it the ideal tool for pulling...

    The CMC MPD is the biggest, baddest pulley system brake on the planet! With a built in 3" sheave that only spins in one direction, you can finally get the...
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