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  • Wafer
    Sold Out


    Micro Webbing Grip
    This is a legacy product and will not be sold any longer. Introducing the all new BC Wafer, a right-sized webbing grip device. With the Wafer, you can easily grab on...
  • Alpine WebLock 5.0
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    Alpine WebLock 5.0

    A New Kind of Webbing Anchor
    Please note, there is a recall on the front pin for the Alpine WebLock 5.0. To read more about this recall, please visit the following page: This is a...
  • Lift 2be
    Sold Out

    Lift 2be

    Super High Stretch Tubular Webbing
     This is a legacy product and will not be sold any longer. Introducing a new high stretch nylon tubular webbing, which is the successor to our popular Lift webbing. The...
  • Mantra MK4
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    Mantra MK4

    Low stretch for longline rigging
    A new generation of an amazing longline webbing from Balance Community. Continuing the life of Mantra with the 4th version named Flight. Mantra MK4: Flight is a brand new style...
  • Heavy
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    Heavy, strong, AND stretchy!
    Introducing the all new "Heavy", a powerful, high weight, nylon webbing with bounce like no other line out there. This 100 grams per meter beast that is called Heavy is...
  • Type 18 MKII
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    Type 18 MKII

    Stretchy, soft, bouncy nylon
    A classic nylon webbing that was built for bounce. With a weave that is so soft and a stretch that beyond powerful, Type 18 MKII is a solid webbing for...
  • Jelly Webbing
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    Jelly Webbing

    Light, low stretch, soft, tubular polyester
    The ultimate versatile webbing that provides a dynamic walking experience combined with low stretch properties that make tensioning a breeze. This tubular polyester webbing provides a stable, playful, dynamic and...
  • Green 20
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    Green 20

    Low stretch nylon webbing
    If you like our Green slackline webbing, you are going to LOVE this new 20mm version! The same great feeling, strength, and stretch as our 1" version, but narrower and...
  • Spider Silk MK3
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    Spider Silk MK3

    Super lightweight hitech webbing
    Introducing the all new Spider Silk MK3, a new kind of HiTech webbing for long and highline use. This webbing is unique in it's construction with a combination of Vectran...
  • Spider Silk MK4
    Sold Out

    Spider Silk MK4

    Lightweight Hitech Webbing with a Jacket
    After many months of research and development, several samples, and much testing, we have finally finished the design for Spider Silk MK4. This webbing offers quite a few benefits over...
  • Aero 2
    Sold Out

    Aero 2

    Deluxe mid-stretch webbing
    This is a legacy product and will not sold any longer. Introducing the all new Aero 2 from Balance Community. We took an entirely new approach with Aero 2 in terms of...
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