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  • Wafer
    Sold Out


    Micro Webbing Grip
    This is a legacy product and will not be sold any longer. Introducing the all new BC Wafer, a right-sized webbing grip device. With the Wafer, you can easily grab on...
  • Alpine WebLock 5.0
    Sold Out

    Alpine WebLock 5.0

    A New Kind of Webbing Anchor
    Please note, there is a recall on the front pin for the Alpine WebLock 5.0. To read more about this recall, please visit the following page: This is a...
  • Lift 2be
    Sold Out

    Lift 2be

    Super High Stretch Tubular Webbing
     This is a legacy product and will not be sold any longer. Introducing a new high stretch nylon tubular webbing, which is the successor to our popular Lift webbing. The...
  • Mantra MK4
    Sold Out

    Mantra MK4

    Low stretch for longline rigging
    A new generation of an amazing longline webbing from Balance Community. Continuing the life of Mantra with the 4th version named Flight. Mantra MK4: Flight is a brand new style...
  • Heavy
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    Heavy, strong, AND stretchy!
    Introducing the all new "Heavy", a powerful, high weight, nylon webbing with bounce like no other line out there. This 100 grams per meter beast that is called Heavy is...
  • Type 18 MKII
    Sold Out

    Type 18 MKII

    Stretchy, soft, bouncy nylon
    A classic nylon webbing that was built for bounce. With a weave that is so soft and a stretch that beyond powerful, Type 18 MKII is a solid webbing for...
  • Jelly Webbing
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    Jelly Webbing

    Light, low stretch, soft, tubular polyester
    The ultimate versatile webbing that provides a dynamic walking experience combined with low stretch properties that make tensioning a breeze. This tubular polyester webbing provides a stable, playful, dynamic and...
  • Spider Silk MK3
    Sold Out

    Spider Silk MK3

    Super lightweight hitech webbing
    Introducing the all new Spider Silk MK3, a new kind of HiTech webbing for long and highline use. This webbing is unique in it's construction with a combination of Vectran...
  • Spider Silk MK4
    Sold Out

    Spider Silk MK4

    Lightweight Hitech Webbing with a Jacket
    After many months of research and development, several samples, and much testing, we have finally finished the design for Spider Silk MK4. This webbing offers quite a few benefits over...
  • Aero 2
    Sold Out

    Aero 2

    Deluxe mid-stretch webbing
    This is a legacy product and will not sold any longer. Introducing the all new Aero 2 from Balance Community. We took an entirely new approach with Aero 2 in terms of...
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