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  • BC Spanni Round Sling

    Introducing the all new BC Spanni Round Slings, a lightweight, low cost anchor sling that is strong as an Ox. These slings are vibrantly colored purple and black and feature...
    From $10.00
  • Soft Release

    Introducing the all new Soft Release - a webbing detensioning strap made from our Feather webbing. The Soft Release is used to make detensioning longlines, highlines, and tricklines super easy...
    From $22.00
  • Threaded Highline Leash Kit

    The Threaded Highline Leash Kit is the complete solution to tying into your highline! It comes with a 12 ft. long threaded leash constructed from a 9.8mm Dynamic Rope threaded...
    From $39.00
  • Adjustable Anchor Webbing

    The all new Adjustable Anchoring webbing is an exciting new product from Balance Community that has a ton of potential for making your anchor slings easy to manage and more...
    From $5.00
  • TreeHugger Classic

    Introducing the all new BC TreeHugger, Classic edtion, a high quality felt tree protector that's great for park lines, padding highline anchors, and generally keeping those trees safe from abrasion...
  • TreeHugger Cosmic

    Introducing the BC TreeHugger, Cosmic edition, the bigger brother to our Classic TreeHugger. This version has a much thicker and more durable felt, but with holes cut into the entire...
    From $15.00
  • Sterling 9mm SafetyPro Static Rope

    By the Meter
    Sterling 9.0mm SafetyPro Static Rope is an extremely supple, very robust static rope made from 100% nylon. The soft feel and malleability of this rope makes it work very well...
  • Webbing Extender

    The webbing extender is a length of your choice of webbing with a sewn eye on each end. You can use this item to extend your backup line on a...
    From $13.38
  • Velcro Line-Sleeve

    By the Foot
    The newest line of abrasion protection sleeves, the Elevated Abrasion Protection Sleeving is a lightweight, yet extremely durable sleeve designed to protect the sensitive parts of your rig. The edges...
  • Sterling 8mm Edge Restraint Static Rope

    By the Meter
    Sterling 8mm Edge Restraint Static Rope is a super lightweight and bomber static rope that is great for use in highline anchors and lightweight pulley systems. The soft sheath is...
  • Amsteel Blue - Coated Silver

    By the Meter
    Amsteel Blue is an exceptionally strong, extremely lightweight, 12-strand rope from Samson Ropes. It's made from Dyneema SK78 fibers, which are known to be the strongest fibers in the world!...
    From $1.60
  • Tubular Webbing Sleeve

    By the Meter
    The webbing sleeve is a lightweight, durable, and super protective sleeve that protects your webbing from abrasion in some of the more critical parts of your slackline setup. Whether you...
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