Adjustable Anchor Webbing


The all new Adjustable Anchoring webbing is an exciting new product from Balance Community that has a ton of potential for making your anchor slings easy to manage and more versatile. This unique webbing is a woven adjustable anchor sling that has anchor holes every 3" to make choosing a length for your slings a thing of the past. The unique weave structure of this webbing allows you to pass a shackle through any of the anchor holes in a variety of configurations to allow for any length sling you can imagine.

Not only is this a great sling material, it also makes for great adjustable aiders! Having clip points every 3 inches allows you to make micro adjustments as you are aid climbing.

The Adjustable Anchor Webbing is a great sling material for the fast and light slackliner that needs a way to anchor their lines to a variety of tree sizes and doesn't want to carry several different sizes of slings.

Updated Design information coming soon.


Width – 29 mm (1.14 inches)

Thickness – 2.8mm (0.11 inches)

Weight – 70 g/m (4.70 lbs/100 feet)

Slot Length – 48.0mm (1.89 inches)

Length Between Slots – 29.0mm (1.14 inches)


Abrasion Retention – 60%


Raw Material – 100% Nylon

Weave Structure – Slotted weave with large fiber bundles for increased abrasion resistance

Protective Coating – LineSkin Resin Treatment for increased abrasion resistance

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