4mm HMPE Curtain Rod

4mm HMPE Curtain Rod

Low stretch rope for curtain rods


4mm HMPE Curtain Rod

Say hello to the all new 4mm HMPE rope that can be used for curtain rod rigging. Curtain rod rigging is a fairly new rigging concept that uses a low stretch line strung across the same gap the highline will be rigged over that is used to carry over the webbing. This system makes hauling your highline rig over the gap much easier and quite a bit safer.

These 4mm HMPE ropes are very strong at 16 kN MBS and almost zero stretch. They are also quite light at 11 g/m, making the whole system very low weight. They are sold in 100m or 200m lengths in either red or yellow. They can be spliced together for longer gaps. You can also splice an end loop quite easily using standard 12-strand class II hollow braid rope splicing techniques (same braid as Amsteel).

Made in China.

Tech Specs


Diameter – 4.0 mm (0.16 inches)

Weight – 11 g/m (0.74 lbs/100 feet)

Fid Length – 80.0 mm (3.15 inches)

Fid Type – 4.0 mm Selma Fid


MBS – 16.0 kN (3,597 lbf)


Raw Material – 100% Spectra


Splicing – 12-Strand Class II Rope Standard Splicing

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