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  • Sterling 9mm SafetyPro Static Rope

    By the Meter
    Sterling 9.0mm SafetyPro Static Rope is an extremely supple, very robust static rope made from 100% nylon. The soft feel and malleability of this rope makes it work very well...
  • Sterling 8mm Edge Restraint Static Rope

    By the Meter
    Sterling 8mm Edge Restraint Static Rope is a super lightweight and bomber static rope that is great for use in highline anchors and lightweight pulley systems. The soft sheath is...
  • 4mm HMPE Curtain Rod

    Low stretch rope for curtain rods
    Say hello to the all new 4mm HMPE rope that can be used for curtain rod rigging. Curtain rod rigging is a fairly new rigging concept that uses a low...
    From $89.00
  • Petzl RAD Line

    By the Meter
    Ultra-light and compact hyperstatic cord designed for compact hauling and tensioning systems. The RAD LINE 6 mm is hyperstatic and flexible, and features a rough sheath for excellent grip and...
    From $117.50
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