BC LongLine Kit


A Complete longline kit with the option of a Buckingham system or a true pulley system for tensioning.

The base kit comes with the following gear:

  • 2x 10 ft BC Spanni Round Slings
  • Pair of TreeHugger Cosmic Tree Protectors
  • 2x BC Shackles
  • 1x 25 ft Soft Release
  • 1x Wafer XL with soft shackle sling
  • 1x Alpine WebLock 6.1
  • 1x BC Roller
  • Your choice of webbing and length

You have the option of 4 different pulley systems: the Jag System, or the Aztek system.

  • 3:1 Buckingham System
  • 5:1 Compound Buckingham System
  • Jag Traxion Pulley System

Updated Design information coming soon.


Weight – 8.2 - 12.3 kg (18 - 27 lbs)


MBS – 26.0 kN (5,850 lbf)

WLL – 6.5 kN (1,461 lbf)

In The Box

Base Kit

  • 50 - 100 meters of your choice of of our slackline webbings with a simple sewn loop on both ends
  • A pair of TreeHuger Cosmic Tree Protectors
  • 2x 10 foot BC Spanni's
  • 2x BC Shackle SS
  • 1x 7.5m Soft Release
  • 1x AWL 6.1
  • 1x Wafer XL with Soft Shackle
  • 1x BC Roller with Straight Gate

5:1 Compound Buckingham System

  • 1x BC Roller with Straight Gate
  • 1x 5mm x 2.5m Whoopie Sling

Jag Traxion System

  • Jag Traxion Pulley System

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