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  • Blue

    Light and low stretch highline webbing
    Introducing the all new Blue slackline webbing from Balance Community. Blue is a lightweight, low stretch, polyester webbing with excellent hand and feel. A tightly woven surface provides excellent abrasion...
    From $2.00
  • Feather PRO
    Sold Out

    Feather PRO

    Lightweight and Stretchy Polyester
    Introducing an all new lightweight slackline made from 100% low-tech fibers. Feather PRO is a built with the low tension highliner in mind. The webbing that was used to rig...
    From $2.45
  • Blue 20

    Light and low stretch highline webbing
    A new age of webbings is upon us. Say goodbye to the days where the only thing we walk in the sky is 1-inches wide. Our all new Blue 20...
    From $2.00
  • JASP

    Mid-weight, low stretch, highline webbing
    Say hello to our simple polyester webbing - JASP (Just a simple polyester). This plain weave webbing has nice characteristics for longlines and highline backups and can serve as a...
    From $1.40
  • Jelly PRO

    Fluffy and playful highline webbing
    So you liked walking Jelly huh? Smooth on the foot, playful, bouncy, but easy to rig? Well, what if I told you there was a stronger, yet just as playful...
    From $2.45
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