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  • BC Shackle SS

    Introducing the all new BC Shackle Stainless Steel (SS). A smooth construction shackle forged from high corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel. This is the ultimate shackle for slackline rigging. The...
    From $15.00
  • BC Spanni Round Sling

    Introducing the all new BC Spanni Round Slings, a lightweight, low cost anchor sling that is strong as an Ox. These slings are vibrantly colored purple and black and feature...
    From $10.00
  • Soft Release

    Introducing the all new Soft Release - a webbing detensioning strap made from our Feather webbing. The Soft Release is used to make detensioning longlines, highlines, and tricklines super easy...
    From $22.00
  • Threaded Highline Leash Kit

    The Threaded Highline Leash Kit is the complete solution to tying into your highline! It comes with a 12 ft. long threaded leash constructed from a 9.8mm Dynamic Rope threaded...
    From $39.00
  • MightyLock

    High strength retention line-lock ring
    Introducing the all new MightyLock from Balance Community. This little guy is fantastic as a line-locker ring. The unique shape provides a very efficient method for anchoring your webbing directly...
  • Aluminum Line-Locker Ring

    An aluminum ring with ideal dimensions for building line-lockers with 1-inch webbing. Ideal for building line-lockers on carabiners and the bow-side of shackles. Drop forged from aluminum 6061.
  • BC Aluminum Carabiner

    The BC Aluminum Carabiner is a shape-optimized aluminum carabiner built for slackline use. The smooth oval shape allows for optimized loading on 1" (25mm) webbing. The wide gate opening allows...
  • Alpine WebLock 6.1

    Diverse, general purpose webbing anchor
    Say hello to the all new Alpine WebLock 6.1! This new weblock design takes features from our much loved Alpine WebLock 4 and combines them with more modern touches from...
  • Soft Shackle - 6mm

    Please Note: These connectors are for advanced rigging practices. If used improperly, they can easily become damaged and/or fail. Please inform yourself with proper use before using in your slackline...
    From $19.00
  • BC Simple Sewn Loop

    Please Note - This is an add-on product. You must purchase a piece of slackline webbing with this item. Only available for 17 - 27mm wide Slackline Webbings. Please select...
    From $10.00
  • TreeHugger Classic

    Introducing the all new BC TreeHugger, Classic edtion, a high quality felt tree protector that's great for park lines, padding highline anchors, and generally keeping those trees safe from abrasion...
  • BC Roller

    Small, lightweight webbing carabiner
    Say hello to the all new BC Roller, a webbing pulley carabiner designed for tensioning Slacklines and rolling across highlines. This carabiner is lightweight, durable, and fits well with most...
    From $49.00
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