Our Mission

At Balance Community: Slackline Outfitters, we strive to be the best we can be. We work for our customers to provide top notch slackline equipment for a wide variety of slackliners around the world. Below are the goals we work towards as a company and individually.

To ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers

Due to the extreme forces involved with and the potential danger of slacklines, we have made safety our primary focus at Balance Community. We go through hundreds of hours of exhaustive testing, offer in-depth explanation, and answer all of our customers' technical questions in as much detail as we can about all of our products. Through all of these means, we try our hardest to ensure the safety of our customers around the world.

To grow and nurture the Slackline Community as we know and love it

In recent years we have seen the sport of Slackline grow at an incredible rate. Each day there are new people who take up the sport. With this rapid growth, the community as a whole is growing. Ever since the beginning, slacklining has been such a strong community sport. Here at Balance Community, we strive to keep this community strong and alive! We regularly host festivals and help promote groups around the globe that are pushing for a strong community. As members of the community ourselves, we know how important it is for the sport as a whole.

To provide our customers with exemplary slackline and highline specific products in order to increase their enjoyment and love of slacklining

As the premiere slackline retailer, we strive to deliver the absolute best slackline products to our customers. We go through exhaustive testing and experimentation in order to meet this goal. As semi-professional slackliners, we know how important it is to have high quality gear when setting up slacklines, especially highlines and longlines. Knowing this, we do everything in our power to make sure the standards of our gear meet the highest expectations.

To offer a wide variety of slackline products to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the wonderful sport of slackline

At Balance Community, we realize that the vast majority of people that are slacklining are just starting out and/or expanding their knowledge and love for the sport. Because of this, we devote a large amount of time on developing products to enable people that are just beginning to be able to progress quickly and enjoy the sport to it's full potential. If you don't have the correct equipment to slackline as a beginner, it's very hard to learn and can become frustrating very fast. We want people to love slacklining so we make sure that our products make it so learning is fun.

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