Mantra MK4

Length: Custom Length - By the Meter (0')

Low stretch for longline rigging

Built for those that love walking the big lines

ThreePly Weave...
Bi-Color structure...
High strength design...
Low stretch...

Quick Specs:

Stretch2.26% @ 6 kN
MaterialPolyester (PES)
Weight76 g/m (5.17 lbs/100 ft)
MBS42.0 kN (9,450 lbf)
WLL8.4 kN (1,890 lbf)



Best Tension

1.5 - 6.0kN


A new generation of an amazing longline webbing from Balance Community. Continuing the life of Mantra with the 4th version named Flight.

Mantra MK4: Flight is a brand new style of webbing with a natural low stretch weave and astounding features that make it great for lines of any length.

Flight is the next generation of longline webbing from Balance Community, optimizing for big distances and easy rigging.

Updated Design information coming soon.

Sewn Ends For Easy Rigging

All fixed length options come with a Simple Sewn Loop on both ends!

Every one of the fixed length options for Mantra MK4 come with our Simple Sewn Loops on both ends of the line, free of charge! These simple sewn loops are sewn in a way that retains 85% or more of the strength of the webbing, which gives you a sewn and easy way to attach your line to your anchor. We've dimensioned the sewn loops such that many connectors can be attached to it at the same time, allowing backup anchors and multiple attachment points to be utilized.

We use a high strength 138-lb bonded polyester thread with a minimum of 300 stitches in each sewn loop in order to provide as much strength and longevity as possible. With our high quality tooling and professional grade sewing machine, we are able to achieve very high consistency with our sewn loops, providing a strong and reliable anchor point on all of our webbings.

Mantra MK4 Sewn Loop

The sewn ends have a sheath on the webbing in the sewn loop in order to protect a heavily abrasion-prone location on the line. This sheathing is made from a highly abrasion resistant cordura Nylon sleeving material, ensuring the wear point of the sewn loop is protected for hundreds of uses. The color of this sleeving material will vary.

Please Note

All fixed lengths (50m, 60m, 85m, 100m, and 120m) come with sewn loops on both ends. Any custom lengths do not include sewn loops, they must be added to your order separately.

Tech Specs


Mantra MK4 Dimensions

Width – 25.4 mm (1.00 inches)

Thickness – 3.5 mm (0.14 inches)

Weight – 76 g/m (5.17 lbs/100 feet)


MBS – 42.0 kN (9,450 lbf)

WLL – 8.4 kN (1,890 lbf)

Abrasion Retention – 55%

Sewn Loop

MBS – 35.0 kN (7,868 lbf)

Thread Type – 138-lb Bonded Polyester


Raw Materials – 100% Polyester

Weave Structure – Flat Weave with multi layers

Weave Zoning – Zones


Style – Built for walking and training heavy lines

Optimum Tensions – 1.5 - 6.0 kN (350 - 1,350 lbf)

Preferred Lengths – 100 - 500+ m (330 - 1,650+ feet)


1 kN – 0.26%

2 kN – 0.56%

3 kN – 0.92%

4 kN – 1.33%

5 kN – 1.78%

6 kN – 2.26%

7 kN – 2.75%

8 kN – 3.25%

9 kN – 3.73%

10 kN – 4.21%

11 kN – 4.67%

12 kN – 5.11%

Mantra MK4 stretch
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