Aero 2


Deluxe mid-stretch webbing

Bounce, surf, walk, and send!

Bi-Color design...
Feather soft weave...
LineSkin treatment...
Pillowed edges...
TruRound Rounded...

Quick Specs:

Stretch6.50% @ 6kN
MaterialPolyester (PES)
Weight62 g/m (4.17 lbs/100 ft)
MBS31.1 kN (7,000 lbf)
WLL6.2 kN (1,400 lbf)



Best Tension

1.0 - 4.5kN


This is a legacy product and will not sold any longer.

Introducing the all new Aero 2 from Balance Community. We took an entirely new approach with Aero 2 in terms of weave structure in order to obtain one of the nicest to walk slackline webbings in the world. Aero 2 features a lightweight construction of just 62 g/m with the all new Pillowed Edges edge profile. This new Pillowed Edges design gives Aero 2 the softest edges - even under tension! While tensioned to it's full working load limit, the edges of Aero 2 compress under a small amount of force. This makes Aero 2 fantastic for highlines as the edges will mold under the force of your fingers when you grab on! No more cutting up your legs and hands when catching on highlines!

Not only does Aero 2 have Pillowed Edges, but it's also woven with TruRound! No seems on either edge, just pure pillowed loveliness!

On top of the amazing edge profile, Aero 2 comes standard with LineSkin Resin Coating, a protective skin that ensures a long lifespan and a cleaner piece of webbing. LineSkin literally repels dirt and water, which makes Aero 2 great for any and all conditions!

Finally, we modified the color scheme of Aero slightly to make twist detection even easier. Aero 2 now comes with blue edges on one face and orange edges on the other face.

With an optimized weave, low weight, and protective coating, Aero 2 is a fantastic slackline webbing for longlines, highlines, and waterlines alike. A must for any dedicated slackliner.

Designed, tested, and manufactured in the USA.

FeatherSoft Weave Structure

A weave design that is optimized for the best handling while walking.

We took a new approach when designing the weave for Aero 2. We wanted to get away from the textured and rough feeling that a lot of slackline webbings have on their faces and edges. We designed the weave for Aero 2 to have a consistent feeling across the width and length to make it resemble a solid object rather than an object comprised of many small fibers. This gives Aero 2 a very stable feeling under the foot and in the hand, which can be fantastic when you interact with the webbing in drastic ways such as line catches or leash falls.

Aero 2 has a FeatherSoft weave.

Not only does the weave structure of Aero 2 resemble a solid object, it also is quite dense. This aids in preventing foreign objects from entering the weave. This furthers the lifespan of the webbing as micro abrasions are one of the leading causes of webbing degradation.

Three-Zone Construction

Three distinct zones within the weave provide Aero 2 with advanced handling and usability.

Aero 2 Schematic

The Strength Zone

In the body of Aero 2 lies the Strength Zone, where the majority of the 31.1 kN (7,000 lbf) strength comes from. This zone consists entirely of high-tenacity Polyester Fibers in the highest quality woven in a way that provides a solid feel while maintaining high strength-to-weight ratio.

Aero 2 Weave Zones

The Bi-Color Zones

An innovative and sleek way of make twist detection a breeze. The Bi-Color zones have opposing colors on the edges of both faces to make it easy to spot any twists along the length of the line. These colored edges are made from high-tenacity, highly abrasion-resistant, solution-dyed, Polyester yarns to give the best of all worlds on one of the most sensitive parts of your slackline webbing.

The Pillowing Zones

One of the most advanced features of Aero 2 is the Pillowing Zones. These zones are built from 100% nylon fibers which stay loose even when the webbing is under tension. This allows the edges to be pliable and malleable while the line is tight, which gives the edges a pillow-feel, molding under your hands and feet when you grab and walk on the line.

Pillowed Edges

A soft and malleable edge that conforms to your foot and hand while under tension.

Aero 2 brings a new type of edge profile to the slackline world. This Pillowed Edge feature gives Aero 2 a ridiculously soft and malleable edge, even while the webbing is under tension! This means that while your line is tight and you take a catch or leash fall and need to grab on to the line, the edge will simply mold under your fingers or feet, similar to a memory foam pillow.

Aero 2 Pillowed Edges

TruRound Technology

Woven on a Shuttle Loom to give a seamless edge on both sides!

Shuttle Loom - one of the oldest pieces of technology out there, still used to this day to weave some of the most advanced webbings in the world. The edge design on shuttle loom webbings is identical on both sides, making this type of loom ideal for high-end slackline webbings. The downside to using Shuttle Looms is that they are drastically slower than more modern Needle Looms.

Shuttle Loom Weaving

Along with double seamless edges, the TruRound technology is a much slower process compared to more traditional Needle Loom weaving, allowing for more meticulous Quality Control at the manufacturing facility. This means fewer errors and a more reliable end product.

LineSkin Resin Coating

A coating of nano particles to enhance abrasion resistance and increase lifespan.

Once Aero 2 is finished being woven, we run it through a coating process where we apply our signature LineSkin Resin Coating. This is comprised of billions of nano particles that latch onto the individual monofilaments within the webbing.

Once LineSkin has been applied to the webbing, the surface of the individual filaments changes to a more ridged texture, which acts as a shield against both moisture and dirt particles. You will notice that webbings that have LineSkin applied actually will float on the top of water. This is due to the surface friction created by the LineSkin coating.

LineSKin Resin coating

The ridged texture that each monofilament has once LineSkin treated now becomes significantly more abrasion resistant. Depending on the weave type, you can nearly double the abrasion resistance of the webbing simply by treating it with LineSkin resin coating. Aero 2 gains nearly 1,500 lbf of strength retention after the abrasion resistance test compared to a non-treated sample.

High-Stretch Polyester

A stretch-heavy weave gives Aero 2 high dynamics and high stability.

Aero 2 has been woven in a way that each fiber on the face of the webbing travels up and down significantly through the weave. This causes a phenomenon know as "Crimp", which is the mechanical stretch within a weave. While Aero 2 begins to be tensions, these fibers must straighten before they can actually start to stretch. This gives Aero 2 and considerable amount of stretch without actually stretching the fibers, thus making the stretch curve much steaper.

Aero 2 stretch

Due to this special weave profile and significantly high mechanical stretch, Aero 2 has one of the highest stretch values for any polyester webbing, even those that have less material in them. This translates to a very bouncy and playful webbing at virtually all lengths beyond 30m (100 feet).

Tech Specs


Aero 2 Dimensions

Width – 25.4 mm (1.00 inches)

Thickness – 3.2 mm (0.13 inches)

Weight – 62 g/m (4.17 lbs/100 feet)


MBS – 31.1 kN (7,000 lbf)

WLL – 6.2 kN (1,400 lbf)

Abrasion Retention – 57%

Sewn Loop

MBS – 24.0 kN (5,395 lbf)

Thread Type – 138-lb Bonded Polyester


Raw Materials – Hybrid Blend - 95% Polyester & 5% Nylon

Weave Structure – Flat, Self-interlocking weave with Pillowed & TruRound Edges

Weave Zoning – Three-zone Construction with Strength, Bi-Color, and Pillowed zones

Protective Coating – LineSkin Resin Treatment for increased abrasion resistance


Style – Optimized for play at mid tensions and walks well with a lightweight backup

Optimum Tensions – 1.0 - 4.5 kN (225 - 1,000 lbf)

Preferred Lengths – 100 - 300m (330 - 1,000 feet)


1 kN – 0.19%

2 kN – 0.65%

3 kN – 1.67%

4 kN – 3.07%

5 kN – 4.73%

6 kN – 6.5%

7 kN – 8.3%

8 kN – 10.02%

9 kN – 11.6%

10 kN – 12.99%

11 kN – 14.16%

12 kN – 15.09%

Aero 2 stretch
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