BC Prim-25 Slackline Kit

BC Prim-25 Slackline Kit

Rig lines up to 75 feet long!


BC Prim-25 Slackline Kit

Introducing the all new BC Prim-25 Slackline Kit! This is the perfect kit for the first-time slackliner. It's super easy to setup, very minimal equipment, and comes with quality components.

    Easily rig a line up to 75 feet (22 meters) by yourself in under 10 minutes with the BC Prim-25 Slackline Kit!


    Static Anchors kits

    These kits give you the option of having a sling and shackle on the static end of your line. This will make setup drastically easier and safer, resulting in a much more stable line. Includes a 2 meter or 3 meter Adjustable Anchor sling and a BC Shackle SS.

    Multiplier Kit

    This kit will add 2 carabiners and a line-locker ring to give you the option of adding a multiplier to your tensioning system, giving you MUCH more pulling power. This kit is identical to the multiplier in our Prim50 slackline kit. Make sure to watch the instructional video on that kit to see how to use these additional pieces.

    Assembled in the US.

    Tech Specs


    Weight – 2.0 kg (4.4 lbs)


    MBS – 21.0 kN (4,720 lbf)

    WLL – 4.2 kN (944 lbf)

    In The Box

    • 25 meters of Blue webbing with a simple sewn loop on one end
    • Extra sleeve threaded onto the webbing for girth-hitch
    • 1x 2.0 meter (6.6 foot) Adjustable Anchor Webbing Slings
    • 1x Pair of TreeHugger Classic Tree Protectors
    • 2x BC Aluminum Carabiners
    • 1x Aluminum Line-locker Ring

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