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  • Connection Sleeve

    Say hello to our all new Connection Sleeve! This polyester tubular jacket sits at 63mm (2.5 inches) wide when sitting flat and works wonderfully to sleeve over your connections on...
    From $1.50
  • Velcro Line-Sleeve

    By the Foot
    The newest line of abrasion protection sleeves, the Elevated Abrasion Protection Sleeving is a lightweight, yet extremely durable sleeve designed to protect the sensitive parts of your rig. The edges...
  • 1-1/2-inch Tubular Webbing

    By the Meter
    1-1/2" Tubular webbing is great for protecting your line when abrasion cannot be avoided. If you line is resting on rock, or you know that the line potentially can rub...
  • Webbing Sleeve

    The webbing sleeve is a lightweight, durable, and super protective sleeve that protects your webbing from abrasion in some of the more critical parts of your slackline setup. Whether you...
  • 1-1/8-inch Tubular Webbing

    By the Meter
    28mm wide tubular webbing, sold by the meter
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