LineSkin Resin Coating

LineSkin is a nano resin coating that we apply to some of the webbings in the BC Shop (Aero, Feather PRO, Lift, and Adjustable Anchor Webbing). It's an incredibly resistant coating that protects the webbing from abrasion, weathering, and general wear and tear. It adds a bit of cost to your line and sometimes it's hard to justify.

What I am to do in this article is inform you why LineSkin is a worthwhile investment for your slackline webbing, especially if you plan on using your line for years to come.

LineSkin properties


Repels Moisture and Dirt

Due to the nature of the LineSkin coating, a coated line will have unique nano ridges on it that make it so that moisture cannot adhere to the face of the webbing. This will make it so beads of water will roll off the webbing, no matter what the material is. This is great for when you are setting up waterlines or highlines in bad weather, the line will not retain much water at all.

This is not to say that no moisture will enter the weave. If the line is totally submerged in water, moisture will enter the weave of the webbing. For some materials, such as nylon, this means the line will retain moisture and will need to be dried out to prevent mildew.

The same is true for dirt particles! A webbing coated with LineSkin will literally repel dirt! This is great for just about any slackline webbing as dirt is extremely difficult to avoid when slacklining.

The reason why repelling dirt is such a great feature is because dirt can cause your line to deteriorate at a much faster rate compared to a clean line, especially if the line is being moved around. This is because the small dirt particles will cause abrasions to the fibers within the weave of your webbing. It is in your best interest to keep dirt out of the weave to maintain a healthy line for a longer period of time.


Increases Abrasion Resistance

Not only does LineSkin repel dirt and moisture, but it also significantly increases the abrasion resistance of slackline webbing! When testing our webbing for abrasion resistance using the ABR100 standard (see: Abrasion Resistance of Slackline Webbing), we notice an increase in resistance of about 20% when using LineSkinned webbing. Here is a table of results:

Webbing Average Result
Aero - No LineSkin 9.10 kN (2,046 lbf)
Aero - LineSkin 16.40 kN (3,687 lbf) - ⇧ 80.2%
Type 18 MKII - no LineSkin 12.36 kN (2,779 lbf)
Type 18 MKII - LineSkin 15.97 kN (3,590 lbf) - ⇧ 29.2%


The above numbers have been averaged over several batches of webbing.

As you can see, there is a clear difference between webbing coated with LineSkin and webbing without the coating. This abrasion resistance has been directly correlated to an increase in lifespan for the slackline webbing, which makes it a worthwhile investment for those looking to use their webbing heavily for a long period of time.

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