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Slack Science

Slack Science, powered by Balance Community: Slackline Outfitters, is a blog run by Jerry Miszewski about slacklining. He offers tips and tricks to various parts of setting-up, taking down, in-depth looks at various aspects of a setup, and hints at walking slacklines.

Jerry's long history with the sport of slackline has given him a wealth of knowledge that he loves to share with his fellow slackliners. Slack Science is a place anyone and everyone to come and learn about our wonderful sport of slacklining.

Webbing slippage is a major issue with the current weblock design that has become a standard. In numerous studies performed by a number of individuals, it has been shown that...

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Recently there has been a discussion about whether rigging a slackline or highline with an upside-down weblock causes an increase in slippage or presents a danger to the rig. Here...

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MMO stands for Munter Mule Overhand. The following information is no substitute for real world experience or direct tuition from an expert highliner. Neither the author of this article nor...

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Here is a quick video tutorial on how to use the Alpine WebLock 4.0 as a rigging plate on the tensioning end of your slackline.

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Today we will be looking at a fantastic method for anchoring the Alpine WebLock 4.0 using a spanset, a tree, and no additional hardware. This method is known as the "bGebz Knot"...

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Introduction Have you ever been in a situation where you are rigging a line and you were scared that if you remove the front pin from your Alpine WebLock 3.0, you...

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Webbing Anchor's are an essential part of your slackline setup. Without them we would have to use knots with our webbing, which can very easily destroy the webbing with very little...

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