Lightweight Longline Kit


Lightweight Longline Kit

A lightweight and versatile slackline kit for rigging lines up to 90m (300 feet) in length. This kit is a 200 - 300 foot (60 - 90m) longline kit that comes with all the gear you need, including double pulleys, multiplier, and your choice of webbing.

    With the BC Lightweight Longline Kit, you will be able to setup longlines from 10 - 300 feet long with no additional gear needed. This is a fantastic kit for the introductory longliner and traveling slackliner that likes to have a full kit at their disposal.

    Designed, constructed, and manufactured in the US.

    Tech Specs


    Weight – 8.2 - 12.3 kg (18 - 27 lbs)


    MBS – 27.0 - 42.0 kN (6,070 - 9,450 lbf)

    WLL – 6.7 - 8.4 kN (1,214 - 1,890 lbf)

    In The Box

    Main Gear

    • 60 or 90 meters of your choice of of our slackline webbings with a simple sewn loop on both ends
    • A set of CAMP Dryad Double Pulleys
    • A MadRock Safeguard Belay Device (brake)
    • 8 - 30 meters of 10.0mm Sterling SafetyPro Static Rope (length depends on webbing selection)
    • 2x 3 meter (10 foot) Adjustable Anchor Webbing Straps
    • 1x Pair of BC TreeHugger Cosmics
    • 1x MightyLock

    Rigging Gear

    • 2x 7/16" Van Beest Anchor Shackles
    • 1x 12mm Bow Shackle
    • 1x 8mm Twist Shackle
    • 1x Sterling 6mm Prusik
    • 1x BC Oval Carabiner
    • 1x SMC CRx Pulley
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