Adjustable Webbing Extender

Making backups usable again!

Adjust your backup to fit your rig!


The length above is the maximum length the extender can be set up at. The minimum length is slightly more than 1/2 this length.

Welcome to a new age of segmented highlines! Never again will you experience troubles with your mainline and backup being the wrong relative lengths and never again will you suffer from a fixed length backup line.

The all new Adjustable Webbing Extender gives you the option to adjust the length of your backup to match whatever mainline you decide to use for a particular rig. Not only are you able to adjust the length, you can do it while the line is rigged! So if you are in a session and find the backup to be too tight, just make your way over to where the extender sits, and slide it forward or back to shorten or length that backup line. Easy peasy!

The trick to the adjustability comes from our new Bucklizer hardware - a 4-bar buckle that allows easy adjustability without slippage. This buckle weighs in at 47 grams and packs a 45 kN MBS! Wowsers!

The webbing used in our adjustable webbing extenders is our Jybn. This webbing does not slip at all in the Bucklizer and the full assembly breaks at 21 kN.

Updated Design information coming soon.


Strap Length – Varies - Listed length is the maximum length for the extender. Minimum length is slightly more than 1/2 the max.

Fixed Loop Size – 225 mm (9.0 inches) in length

Weight – Varies


Webbing – Jybn

Sleeve Material – Low denier Nylon Sleeving


Extender MBS – 21.0 kN (4,720 lbf)

Extender WLL – 4.2 kN (944 lbf)

Bucklizer MBS – 45.0 kN (10,116 lbf)

Bucklizer WLL – 9.0 kN (2,023 lbf)

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