Recently I've been getting into longlining and highlining again, and want to share some experiences with you all.

First off, here's my rig:

  1. 2x 8 ft Purple Spansets threaded through 7' of 2" tubular webbing
  2. 2x Alpine Weblock 2.0
  3. 400' Mantra MKII
  4. Base 5:1 Pulley system, set up just like the Minimalist Lite Pulley System but using SMC 3" Double PMP's.
  5. For my multiplier, I'm using the Elite Multiplier Kit.

My pulley system is INSANELY efficient. I can rig a 400' line with only 6' of sag by myself, using the Petzl ASCENSION Ascender to get maximum pulling power.

So, I've fallen in love with Mantra MKII for long tricklines. It seems to be best at around 150-170' with the anchors head high. It's interesting how it reacts to the same trick at different parts of the line. For example, surfing the middle of a 170' line is slow and VERY bouncy, and surfing near the anchors brings out a more 'angry' style of surf. A buttbounce in the middle of the line is REALLY fun, but pretty tough to get back to your feet on (you're getting about 6 ft of sag at the bottom of the bounce, leaving you with 6 inches of air between you and the ground), and at the anchors, a buttbounce becomes the most powerful ride ever!

A few days ago I was tricklining on a 115m line (380')'s such an awesome way to train for just walking longlines. The way I see it, if you can buttbounce on something, you can walk it.

A few months ago I started pushing the limits of highline tricklining. I got on a 77' long, 80' high highline, and started doing dynamic trickline combos. I was using the RAGEline (prototype) as my mainline and 1" Slack-Spec Tubular as my backup. It's a whole new world of trickline since you have to work out your combos before you do them to prevent getting your leash wrapped up around your legs. For example, if you did a backside buttbounce 360 starting with the leash on frontside, you'd need to do a frontside 360 before getting back to your feet.

Here's some videos of the tricklining mentioned above and a few more. Leaves me wondering if anything is NOT a trickline...


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