Pro Team Blog

Articles written by the BC Pro Team Athletes about slacklining adventures they have had from various places around the world. These posts are from all the BC PRO-Team Athletes. To view a particular athletes posts, click on their name on the left.

Recently I've been getting into longlining and highlining again, and want to share some experiences with you all. First off, here's my rig: 2x 8 ft Purple Spansets threaded through 7' of 2"...

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From July 13-16th, 1-4pm, myself and Thomas Fullerton ran public demos in Prescott, AZ. There were multiple new people we got interested in slacklining, as well as got people hooked on Raw Revolution...

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Balance Community orders placed from June 25th, 2011 onwards will not be shipped until approx. July 5th. The BC staff is currently attending the Vibram Natural Games in France. I...

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Went to the park today to do some long(ish)lining, just can't keep myself from tricklining! ;) Slack on!

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