Spider Silk MK3

Length: Custom Length - By the Meter (0')

Super lightweight hitech webbing

Great for monster lines or an ultralight backup

Three-Ply Construction
Bi-Color design...
Feather Soft ...
Pillowed edges provide...

Quick Specs:

Stretch1.80% @ 6kN
MaterialVectran & UHMWPE
Weight31 g/m (2.08 lbs/100 feet)
MBS38.0 kN (8,542 lbf)
WLL7.6 kN (1,708 lbf)



Best Tension

1.0 - 4.5kN


Introducing the all new Spider Silk MK3, a new kind of HiTech webbing for long and highline use.

This webbing is unique in it's construction with a combination of Vectran and UHMWPE fibers mixed together for an optimized weave pattern that offers superior strength, stretch, and durability for the demanding project lines that it's intended for.

Not only does this webbing have a unique construction, it also comes in at 20mm in width! This helps with wind as it has 20% less surface area for the wind to capture on big lines. This will be especially noticeable for lines greater than 300m.

Extreme Strength to Weight

About as strong as we could go with just 31 g/m

The beauty of high-tech webbing is that it can be so incredibly lightweight while still retaining a great amount of strength. We packed just about as much strength as we possibly could into this small webbing.

Spider Silk MK3 Strength-to-Weight

A typical low-tech webbing made from Nylon or Polyester will hover around a 0.55 strength to weight ratio. Spider Silk MK3 comes in at 1.22! That is insane! Never has such a light webbing been able to boast such a high strength before. What a way to make your line as easy as possible to walk without compromising on the integrity or burlyness.

20mm Wide, Thousands of Meters Long

A novel approach to dealing with wind: the width!

Wind is a serious problem on longer highlines. Flat (or even tubular) webbing acts as a sail to the wind that is flowing over a highline. This can cause major problems if the winds are high enough. Tapes start to rip, lines start flapping, and the main and backup start smashing into each other. This can lead to a complete highline failure, as we have seen many times in many places.

Spider Silk MK3 20mm Wide

One way to look at how wind interacts with the slackline is to look straight down. Given a set length, there is a certain amount of surface area that the slackline has over that length (length x width) Given that we are all going for longer and longer lines, this surface area is bound to get larger as our lines grow. The larger the surface area, the more the wind will hit your line. So, what if we reduce the width instead?

We played with a number of difference widths and found that 20mm is a nice sweet spot for still providing a stable platform on which you can stand/walk, while still reducing the overall surface area of webbing exposed to the wind. The 20mm era is upon us!

Extremely Low Stretch

If you're going big, you don't want to have to tension big!

High-tech webbings are fantastic for monster lines, mainly due to the weight and strength that they provide. Also because of their stretch! Spider Silk MK3 is no exception to that rule. With a mere 1.8% at 6 kN, this stuff hardly stretches at all! Spend as little time tensioning as you can, so you can get to walking that monster PR line you're bound to rig with this stuff!

Spider Silk MK3 Stretch Curve

Due to the very low stretch of Spider Silk MK3, it is recommended to only use it for highlines longer than 100m.

Compare the stretch of Spider Silk MK3 to our other webbings on our Webbing Stretch page

Pillowed Edges for Freindly Catches

Get the feeling of those pillows between your feet!

A feature of Spider Silk MK3 that sets it apart from most other high-tech webbings is the Pillowed Edges. The internals on the edge contruction are made from 100% nylon fibers which stay loose even when the webbing is under tension. This allows the edges to be pliable and malleable while the line is tight, which gives the edges a pillow-feel, molding under your hands and feet when you grab and walk on the line. This feature makes Blue a true pleasure to interact with.

Spider Silk MK3 Pillowed Edges

Given the extreme stretch difference between Nylon and Vectran/UHMWPE, the pillowed edges are very effective on Spider Silk MK3. They are amazingly pliable when the line is tight and conform to your hand and foot quite nicely in use.

Durability to the Extreme

With both Vectran and UHMWPE exposed, it's quite hard to abraid this webbing

The Blue and Black fibers in Spider Silk MK3 are made from a special UHMWPE fiber, which provides very good abrasion resistance. The tan fibers on the faces are made from Vectran, which also offers extreme abrasion resistance.

Spider Silk MK3 abrasion resistant construction

The fiber selection combined with the weave pattern gives Spider Silk MK3 an extreme durability unmatched in the high-tech webbing world. If you are going big, you may as well make that line as durable as possible as it's likely to stay rigged for a while :)

Sewn Ends For Easy Rigging

All fixed length options come with a Simple Sewn Loop on both ends!

Every one of the fixed length options for Spider Silk MK3 come with our Simple Sewn Loops on both ends of the line, free of charge! These simple sewn loops are sewn in a way that retains 85% or more of the strength of the webbing, which gives you a sewn and easy way to attach your line to your anchor. We've dimensioned the sewn loops such that many connectors can be attached to it at the same time, allowing backup anchors and multiple attachment points to be utilized.

We use a high strength 138-lb bonded polyester thread with a minimum of 300 stitches in each sewn loop in order to provide as much strength and longevity as possible. With our high quality tooling and professional grade sewing machine, we are able to achieve very high consistency with our sewn loops, providing a strong and reliable anchor point on all of our webbings.

Spider Silk MK3 Sewn Loop

The sewn ends have a sheath on the webbing in the sewn loop in order to protect a heavily abrasion-prone location on the line. This sheathing is made from a highly abrasion resistant cordura Nylon sleeving material, ensuring the wear point of the sewn loop is protected for hundreds of uses. The color of this sleeving material will vary.

Please Note

All fixed lengths (50m, 60m, 100m, and 120m) come with sewn loops on both ends. Any custom lengths do not include sewn loops, they must be added to your order separately.

Tech Specs


Spider Silk MK3 Dimensions

Width – 20.0 mm (0.79 inches)

Thickness – 3.00 mm (0.12 inches)

Weight – 31 g/m (2.08 lbs/100 feet)


MBS – 38.0 kN (8,542 lbf)

WLL – 7.6 kN (1,708 lbf)

Sewn Loop

MBS – 30.0 kN (6,744 lbf)

Thread Type – 138-lb Bonded Polyester


Raw Materials – Hybrid Blend - UHMWPE and Vectran

Weave Structure – Flat Weave with Pillowed Edges

Weave Zoning – Four-Zone Construction with Strength, Protective, Bi-Color, and Pillowed zones


Style – Optimized for walking big lines with relative ease

Optimum Tensions – 1.0 - 4.5 kN (225 - 1,000 lbf)

Preferred Lengths – 100+ m (330+ feet)


1 kN – 0.37%

2 kN – 0.78%

3 kN – 0.93%

4 kN – 1.09%

5 kN – 1.21%

6 kN – 1.8%

7 kN – 1.87%

8 kN – 1.93%

9 kN – 2.21%

10 kN – 2.36%

11 kN – 2.36%

12 kN – 2.67%

Spider Silk MK3 stretch
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