Spider HighWheel Pulley

Spider HighWheel Pulley

Small, lightweight webbing pulley


Spider HighWheel Pulley

Flat pulley with ball bearings

The HIGHWHEEL is an aluminum pulley with a 2.5 cm (1 inch) roller base that slides on two steel ball bearings to ensure smooth movement.

The special aluminum roller prevents jamming between the webbing and the bearings. The roller is completely smooth and leaves no marks on the webbing when sliding.

The side plates swivel open to accommodate all slackline webbing from 24 to 26 mm width.

The rounded shape of the HIGHWHEEL

The shape of the HIGHWHEEL is optimized to maximize strength and reduce weight to only 91 gr.

The plate holes are compatible with all types of carabiners, including those with ferrules.

Tensioning assistant

The HIGHWHEEL pulley is an excellent assistant when tensioning a slackline using the Primitive self-locking system. Friction is minimized by the bearings and the efficiency of the HIGHWHEEL is maximized when used as a multiplier.

The side surface of the plates is extremely smooth so as not to damage the edges of the slackline.

Is it better to use a CLASSIC carabiner or a SCREW NUT carabiner?

If you want to use the HIGHWHEEL as a transport/slider carabiner, we recommend the purchase of the screw nut carabiner.

However, if you are using the HIGHWHEEL primarily as a tensioning assistant, we recommend the classic carabiner, which speeds up frequent hooking/unhooking operations. 

Accessory fall arrest lanyard

You can attach the HIGHWHEEL to the harness by passing a 3 mm fall arrest lanyard through the holes in the plates.

This way, you will never lose your HIGHWHEEL wherever you are.


The HIGHWHEEL is a connector that is not certified as PPE for use at heights above 1 m. If you use HIGHWHEEL as a carrying device on webbing, always use in combination with a fall arrest safety rope for the person.

Read the instruction manual carefully and follow the instructions for use described.

Tech Specs


Length – 78.0 mm (3.07 inches)

Width – 42.0 mm (1.65 inches)

Depth – 40.0 mm (1.57 inches)

Roller Diameter – 25.0 mm (0.98 inches)

Roller Width – 28.5 mm (1.13 inches)

Weight – 91 g (3.21 oz)


MBS – 20.0 kN ()

WLL – 4.0 kN (900 lbf)


Roller Material – Aluminum

Sideplate Material – Aluminum

User Manual

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