In a highline setup, typically there are a minimum of two lines crossing the gap which you are trying to walk. These lines are usually taped together so that they may move together as a single line. Often times when these lines are taped together, the tapes can leave bad residue on the line and cause the multiple lines to behave in a strange way.

With this new taping technique, dubbed 'Slider Tapes', you can tape your lines together before arriving to the highline spot and then tension the mainline and backup line separately without the problem of having the lines stick together and having your tapes break when you tension your lines.. This taping technique keeps the tapes spaced correctly while still holding the multiple lines together so they move as one.

This taping style uses regular Athletic Tape that can be purchased at any convenience store for about $3 per roll.

Step 1

Slider Tapes - Step 1

Rip off a 6" to 6-1/2" long piece of Athletic tape and put it on the floor with the sticky side up.

Step 2

Slider Tapes - Step 2

Rip off a 2" to 2-1/2" long piece of Athletic tape and place it on the floor with the sticky side up.

Step 3

Slider Tapes - Step 3

Place the 2" piece on top of the 6" piece about 1/2" to 3/4" from the top of the 6" long piece with the sticky sides touching.

Step 4

Slider Tapes- Step 4

Wrap the ends of the 2" piece around the edges of the 6" piece. Be sure to press the ends down firmly so that they stick very well. Remove any excess tape fibers.

Step 5

Slider Tapes - Step 5

Place the piece of tape under the stacked highline lines such that the non-sticky side of the 2" piece is in contact with the backup line.

Step 6

Slider Tapes - Step 6

Wrap the shorter sticky side of the tape around to the mainline, pressing firmly so that it sticks well. Remove any excess tape fibers.

Step 7

Slider Tapes - Step 7

Wrap the longer sticky side of the tape around both lines a few times, pressing firmly as you wrap it around to ensure it sticks well. Remove any excess tape fibers.

Step 8

Slider Tapes - Step 8

Ensure that the end of the piece of tape is on the bottom of the stacked lines (the backup line). This will help make the tapes last for a very long time.

This method of tape is fantastic for those that use a particular piece of webbing for highlines multiple times. You can leave your line taped for months and months with no issues and you will never have to retape the line. This will save you loads of time during highline setup while also making the line much easier to rig.

Pro Tip

Slider Tapes - Pro Tip

Slider Tapes - Pro Tip 2

For quick taping, make as many of the pieces of tape as you can before starting to tape the line. I like to approximate how many tapes I need for the whole line by dividing the length of my webbing by 3 (which is typically how far I space my tapes from each other) and making this number of tapes beforehand. Check the two pictures below for my tape assembly line.

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