Today I would take another look into Slider Tapes. We've seen what slider tapes are in a past article seen here: Slider Tapes. However, as time has proven, these types of tapes are extremely time consuming to create. Well, what if I told you that I found a new way to make them that takes about 1/5 the time and works better?! Let's explore this new method.

Step 1

A better slider tape - Step 1

Lay out your highline webbings with mainline on top and backup line on the bottom. If using a rope backup, place rope on bottom of webbing.


Step 2

A better slider tape - Step 2

Unroll a bit of tape and place it on the table with sticky side up.


Step 3

A better slider tape - Step 3

Slide the tape between the mainline and backup line, with the sticky side still up. Made sure to leave about 1.5 times the width of the webbing extra beyond the webbings. For a 1" wide slackline rig, you would leave 1.5" beyond the webbing.


Step 4

A better slider tape - Step 4

Take the roll of tape and fold it over the mainline, sticking it to the extra bit on the other side (sticky side to sticky side)


Step 5

A better slider tape - Step 5

Now wrap this around the two lines.


Step 6

A better slider tape - Step 6

Wrap the tape around the 2 lines 1.5 times, making sure that when you rip/cut the tape, the end is on the bottom. You do not want the end of the tape to be on the top where you will be walking as this will make it more likely to be removed during a session.

That's it, a better slider tape method! Note, this method works best with wide tapes of at least 1.5" (38mm). Tapes that are narrow do not have enough surface area to stick well to the slackline.

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