After much discussion and a lazy morning, Chris and I decided that we would rig the big line again on Monday, even though the best walking time had already passed. We got started at about 3 pm, which put us about 6 hours behind schedule! Luckily, we had the rigging down from the last time and we had the line up in under 45 minutes. The bad news was that the wind started to pick up right when we were done rigging! This made for some interesting attempts on the line.

Chris cruxing on the 1260

Chris and I both were having troubles with the transitions still, so this is what we were training for the most part (despite the wind HOWLING while we were walking). Even though we were literally getting blow off the line, the oscillations of the line from the wind were very minimal. It almost helped alleviate the movements that are created by your movements while walking. I found a nice groove to walk to and was able to fine-tune myself to the vibrations of the line.

A windy day on the 1260

After a few attempts at the transitions, I had a nice solid walk. I walked to about half way through the transition, then fell. But I got right back on the line and walked all the way to the other side's transition stage. This is where I fell. I was pretty stoked to make it this far because now I know had I been a little more trained on the transition for this part of the line, I would have sent the whole thing no problem.

Chris feeling calm on the 1260

It's very strange, how each part of the line is so different from one another. The anchors have a unique feeling compared to the transition stage. Which, in-turn, is completely different from the center of the line. Each stage requires a different frame of mind as well as style of controlling the movements. I believe that longline walking at this length is such a complete slackline experience. Each stage puts you through a unique experience that is found in different types of slacklining. The anchors are like a trickline, the transition's are like a highline, and the middle is like a longline (shorter longline).

Walking through the middle of the 1260




Length 1,260 feet (384 meters)
Sag 15 feet (4.5 meters)
Tension 4,000 lbf (1,850 kgf)
Webbing Spider Silk MKII

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