Webbing Extender


Webbing Extender

The webbing extender is a length of your choice of webbing with a sewn eye on each end. You can use this item to extend your backup line on a segmented setup.

The sewn eye on one end has no protective sleeving. This end should be connected to the end of your backup line with a girth hitch. The lack of a sleeve allows the connection to be as small as possible, allowing the leash rings to pass easily.

The other end is sewn with a protective sleeve. This end should connect to your main segment connection point. Whether that's an Inov Split, T-Loop, or some other method, the protected eye should go here.

Made in the US, sewn in-house.

Tech Specs


Strap Length – Varies

Loop Size – 225 mm (9.0 inches) in length

Weight – Varies


Webbing – Jybn

Sleeve Material – Low denier Nylon Sleeving


MBS – 24.0 kN (5,395 lbf)

WLL – 4.8 kN (1,080 lbf)

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