Jelly Webbing


Light, low stretch, soft, tubular polyester

Ideal for park lines and low tension longlines

Bi-Color design...
Feather Soft ...

Quick Specs:

Stretch4.50% @ 6kN
MaterialPolyester (PES)
Weight45 g/m (3.02 lbs/100 ft)
MBS20.0 kN (4,496 lbf)
WLL4.0 kN (899 lbf)



Best Tension

1.0 - 3.5kN


The ultimate versatile webbing that provides a dynamic walking experience combined with low stretch properties that make tensioning a breeze. This tubular polyester webbing provides a stable, playful, dynamic and soft walk. The color combination maximizes visibility, optimized for lowlight slacking conditions. This is THE go-to park webbing for the beginner or veteran slackliner alike. Ideal for primitive slacklines, rodeo lines, and longlines.

Tubular and Dense

The weave just feels like a real slackline!

Ever since the dawn of slacklining, tubular webbing has been at the forefront of innovation. Starting with tubular Climb-Spec, made from Nylon, slackliners in Yosemite would rig it between the trees. These days, some of the most desirable webbings used for freestyle highlining are made in a very similar fashion.

The only downside to tubular nylon for lines low to the ground is the stretch! It just stretches endlessly, making it nearly impossible to rig using a primitive style tensioning system. Enter Jelly webbing.

Jelly Tubular Webbing

Jelly is made with the same dense weave as climb-spec tubular, but using small denier Polyester yarns. Thus, the stretch curve is far more desireable for a park line! However, you maintain that amazing feeling that we all know and love about Climb-Spec! The best of both worlds!

Stable and Light

A stretch curve that does not match the weight

Because of Jelly's construction and core-material, it has a stretch like not many other webbings in it's weight class. A smooth and soft stretch curve that gives it a slight bounce at tension, but requries little work to get there. What a wonderful webbing for a primitive kit...

Jelly Stretch Curve

Compare the stretch of Jelly to our other webbings on our Webbing Stretch page

Blue Raspberry Webbing?

A mix of blue and pink make this webbing one-of-a-kind

However synthetic a blue raspberry piece of candy seems, it always tastes good. The same can be said about Jelly webbing! Sure, the colors are bright, but oh my do they look good, especially under your foot while cruising a line in the park.

Jelly color scheme

Tech Specs


Jelly Webbing Dimensions

Width – 25.4 mm (1.00 inches)

Thickness – 2.30 mm (0.090 inches)

Weight – 45 g/m (3.02 lbs/100 ft)


MBS – 20.0 kN (4,496 lbf)

WLL – 4.0 kN (899 lbf)

Abrasion Retention – 0.5

Sewn Loop

MBS – 18.0 kN (4,046 lbf)

Thread Type – 138-lb Bonded Polyester


Raw Materials – 100% Polyester

Weave Structure – Dense tubular weave

Weave Zoning – Single zone tubular


Style – Best for park lines under 60m in length

Optimum Tensions – 1.0 - 4.5 kN (225 - 1,000 lbf)

Preferred Lengths – 10 - 60m (33 - 200 feet)


1 kN – 0.48%

2 kN – 1.37%

3 kN – 2.21%

4 kN – 2.96%

5 kN – 3.84%

6 kN – 4.5%

7 kN – 5.1%

8 kN – 5.72%

9 kN – 6.38%

10 kN – 7.01%

11 kN – 7.61%

12 kN – 8.19%

Jelly Webbing stretch
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