LengthSewn Loop - End 1Sewn Loops - End 2: 50m / Sleeved / Sleeved (165')

Soft and stable nylon highline webbing

Ideal for long and stable highlines

Three-Ply Construction
Bi-Color design...
Feather Soft ...
Pillowed edges provide...

Quick Specs:

Stretch8.52% @ 6kN
MaterialNylon (PAD)
Weight53 g/m (3.56 lbs/100 ft)
MBS29.0 kN (6,519 lbf)
WLL9.7 kN (2,173 lbf)



Best Tension

1.0 - 4.5kN


Introducing the all new Green Slackline Webbing! A lightweight, low-stretch, Nylon webbing that is fantastic for longer projects on nylon! The dense weave and bi-color design offered by Green gives it great handling on longer projects and superior abrasion resistance for those heavy sessions.

Green is one of the most stable webbings out there for walking. If you are searching for a line that is good for big projects with a bit of bounce, Green is the webbing for you.

Designed and Inspected in Lyons, CO. Manufactured in United States.

Pillowed Edges for Friendly Catches

Get the feeling of those pillows between your feet!

One of the most advanced features of Green is the Pillowed Edges. The internals on the edge contruction are made from 100% nylon fibers which stay loose even when the webbing is under tension. This allows the edges to be pliable and malleable while the line is tight, which gives the edges a pillow-feel, molding under your hands and feet when you grab and walk on the line. This feature makes Green a true pleasure to interact with.

Blue pillowed edges

Unlike some of our other pillowed edge webbings, which are primarily made from Polyester, Green is a nylon webbing. By changing the size, texture, and bundle size of the pillowing material, we were able to achieve the soft and pliable pillowed edge on Green even though it's the same material as the pillowing. This gives Green an astounding feel while walking, as the edges just form under your foot and hand, making for a very pleasureable walk.

Stability to the Extreme

Green's stretch curve makes it a dream to walk

Compared to most nylon webbings, Green has a fairly low stretch. It's much closer to a high stretch polyester webbing when looking at the stretch curve. This gives Green a very unique feeling while walking, making it astoundingly stable. Walking Green in the 50 - 150m range is very pleasant.

Blue Stretch Curve

Compare the stretch of Green to our other webbings on our Webbing Stretch page

Vibrant Colors Scheme

With only white and green as the colors, Green makes it look fancy!

Green uses just two colors for it's design: Green and White. With these two colors, we've combined them in a way to make Green look very complex and intricate. This color scheme is very pleasant to look at while cruising a big line, and also is quite visible with the sky or mountains as the backdrop.

Blue color scheme

Tech Specs


Green Dimensions

Width – 25.4 mm (1.00 inches)

Thickness – 2.46 mm (0.097 inches)

Weight – 53 g/m (3.56 lbs/100 ft)


MBS – 29.0 kN (6,519 lbf)

WLL – 9.7 kN (2,173 lbf)

Abrasion Retention – 0.6

Webbing Anchors

AWL4 Mean Strength – 30.1 kN (6,766 lbf)

AWL4 MBS – 27.5 kN (6,182 lbf)

AWL5 Mean Strength – 29.8 kN (6,699 lbf)

AWL5 MBS – 27.2 kN (6,114 lbf)

AWL6 Mean Strength – 30.6 kN (6,879 lbf)

AWL6 MBS – 28.7 kN (6,452 lbf)

MightyLock Mean Strength – 28.8 kN (6,474 lbf)

MightyLock MBS – 26.1 kN (5,867 lbf)

Webbing Grips

LineGrip Slippage – No slippage up to 150% of WLL (22 kN)

Wafer XL Slippage – No slippage up to 150% of WLL (15 kN)

Wafer Slippage – No slippage up to 150% of WLL (6 kN)

Sewn Loop

Mean Strength – 31.1 kN (6,991 lbf)

MBS – 29.1 kN (6,650 lbf)

Thread Type – 208-lb Bonded Polyester


Raw Materials – 100% Nylon

Weave Structure – Flat Weave with Pillowed Edges

Weave Zoning – Four-Zone Construction with Strength, Bi-Color Outer, Edge, and Pillowed zones


Style – Best used for walking big projects with playfulness.

Optimum Tensions – 1.0 - 4.5 kN (225 - 1,000 lbf)

Preferred Lengths – 60 - 400m (200 - 1,312 feet)


Approved – Yes

Backup Length – How long should the backup be with a Green mainline?

  • 50m main - 54m backup
  • 60m main - 64.8m backup
  • 100m main - 108m backup
  • 120m main - 129.6m backup
  • Other lengths - Backup 8% longer than main


1 kN – 2.13%

2 kN – 3.55%

3 kN – 4.62%

4 kN – 5.33%

5 kN – 6.39%

6 kN – 8.52%

7 kN – 9.59%

8 kN – 10.3%

9 kN – 11.01%

10 kN – 11.72%

11 kN – 12.43%

12 kN – 12.78%

Green stretch
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