Just got back from an amazing trip up to Yosemite Falls. Me, Eric, Russ, Natalie, and Alex all hiked up the falls trail to meet up with Andy, Jeremy, Andrew, and gang to do the amazing classic Yosemite highlines.

Russ walking the classic Lost Arrow Spire Highline

When we got to the top of the dreaded falls trail, Andy had already rigged the Classic LAS line. This line is an incredible 57 ft. long, 2890 ft. highline that goes from the flake to the Lost Arrow Spire. It was such a treat to walk this line again as it will always stand out as being the first highline ever walked, by Scott Balcom back in 1984. Walking out to that spire on the 1″ line is a sure way to make you enjoy life.

Since the group of us were all exhausted from the drive + hike in, we decided to rig the line we came to rig the following morning. We planned to use a new rope launching device that we developed to get the line across the gap, but were unsure if it would work or not.

The following morning we woke early, ate a big breakfast, made some coffee, then set out on our mission to rig. Our rope launching device was a complete failure so we had to get the line across the old fashion way, throw-it! After about 4 hours of rigging, the beautiful Yosemite Falls Highline was rigged.

Rigging the Yosemite Falls Highline

This line is 128 ft. long, perched up above Upper Yosemite Falls. This has to be one of my favorite highlines that I have walked. We rigged it using 1″ threaded tubular nylon backed up with a 10.5mm dynamic climbing rope. I got the pleasure of having the first walk of this beauty and having only sent the line half-man last year, I was ready to get the full send. Needless to say, I got quite a few walks in on this line.

Soaking in the exposure on the Yosemite Falls Highline

Russ, who has only walked 3 highlines before, had many great attempts at this line, but was unable to get the send. He has set a goal to send this line the next time he sees it. He has vowed to train hard in order to obtain this goal.

Russ cruising the Yosemite Falls Highline

Eric, who last year was unable to send this line, full-manned it many times without too much effort. He was extremely happy to be able to finally conquer this beast of a line that previously had conquered him.

Eric above the valley on the Yosemite Falls Highline

After we had all had our sessions on the Falls line, we all headed over to the spire to checkout the 2 lines that were rigged over there. Andy and I had rigged the longer spire line the night before and had been wanting to walk it pretty badly. We all got our sends in on this amazing line including a few super full-mans (short and long spire line continuously).

Eric Rasmussen on the long Lost Arrow Spire Highline

We then started on our long, 8 hour trek back home. What a wonderful time in Yosemite it was, even if it was only for 3 days. These 3 highlines will always hold a special place in my heart, the lines that started it all. Thanks to all the people that were out there, and big thanks to Andy for inviting us to the spire trip.

A group of slackliners at the top of Yosemite Falls

- Jerry Miszewski

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