Today was only -6, what a deference from -27. It seemed like summer! Perfect day to set up another long-line. In park Maisonneuve we set a 480 foot line next to Olympic Stadium. It took us almost an hour to rig after we found the gap but with no throw left in the pulleys I bottomed out at about 100 feet in. We had to do the dreaded de-rig re-rig scenario. 10 minutes of resetting and a good 25 minutes of pulling later I was back on the line but with much more wind. The line was a monster, the vibration in the line was insane. You have to hold strong but at the same time be loose and let the line move. This time I walked to the middle before the line touched the ground again. This time I was not going to re-rig so I just had fun on it walking to the middle turning around and surfing it. A great day even though no send. I will be out to walk a 500 footer on Monday, then I will need a longer piece of webbing!! Sponsors where are they when you need 'em!?

Pierre Carrillo cruising a longline in the cold.

Pierre Carrillo surfing the longline in the cold.

PS. Thanks to Alex de Carufel (Alex le Brut) and Chantal Therrien for pulling with me. Setting up lines this long is an amazing amount of pulling.

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