Friedi Kühne

Instagram: @friedikuhne

Birthday: November, 1989

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 67 kg

Started Slacklining: 2010

Current Location: Munich, Germany

Biography: I got on my first slackline when I was 19, but did not really get into it right away. I used to do lots of rock climbing, parkour and freerunning back then and was already fascinated by anything that involved heights, adrenaline and body control. On a bouldering trip to Val Di Mello, Italy, we found a permanently installed beginner slackline at a campground. At first I thought slacklining was stupid and way too difficult and I would tell all my friends, who at the time were already quite solid at walking, that this ‘trend’ is stupid and wouldn’t last long. However, after trying over and over again, I was finally able to take some solid steps and I immediately wanted to keep practicing until I was able to walk the whole thing. I became addicted, bought my own slackline, and started practicing tricks after school. Today, being on a big and exposed highline might the best feeling I know. On a highline, like they say, you are only one inch away from flying. It gives me an incredible rush of adrenaline and makes me feel alive like nothing else. There are no limits to your own creativity; you can do tricks and yoga poses, combos, bounce, and surf until your legs are burning. This might be my favorite part: Being whirled from side to side on a big bouncy highline, or coming up with new tricks like the Yoda - jumping into the leash and remounting within one bounce. But there is even more to it: Highlining brings me to incredible places and enables me connect to nature, which I think gets more and more important nowadays. Lastly, it’s a community sport. Through slacklining I found countless friends all over the world. You learn from each other, you always find someone who will offer you a place to stay, and you spend unforgettable moments gathering around a campfire after a long day of projecting. I wouldn't want life to be any different!

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