BC Roller

Small, lightweight webbing carabiner

A webbing roller carabiner that fits nicely on the harness and works well with most hardware. Stainless steel bearings and two gate-types.


Say hello to the all new BC Roller, a webbing pulley carabiner designed for tensioning Slacklines and rolling across highlines. This carabiner is lightweight, durable, and fits well with most hardware. We have an option of either a straight gate or a 2-stage twist-lock gate.

Made in Taiwan.

Lightweight and Ideally Sized

A great size roller for the harness or tensioning system

One of the primary drivers when designing the BC Roller was to keep the weight low and the size small. We accomplished that quite well with a mere 121 gram total weight and 120mm x 66.2mm x 20mm size. These dimensions make the BC Roller fit quite nicely on the harness and a breeze to work with at the anchors.

BC Roller Straight Gate Dimensions

Don't let the small outer dimensions fool you though, the BC Roller has a TON of room inside the carabiner. Passing connections, clipping large lines, and clipping hardware is a breeze with this carabiner. The straight gate model has a whopping 28.5mm of space when the gate is open.

BC Roller Twist Lock Dimensions

Stainless Steel for All

All models come with stainless steel bearings

You never know when you will be highlining or using your gear in a high-corrosion environment, like near the ocean or sea. Having non-stainless steel bearings in any type of pulley is just asking for troubles. We made the decision to include stainless steel bearings in all models of the BC Roller. This will help the lifespan of your roller, no matter what environment you decide to use it in.

BC Roller stainless steel bearings

Buckingham Systems Galore

An ideal component in the widely used Buckingham tensioning system

Whether you are rigging a highline that's 2km long, or a simply park line, the Buckingham system is a great way to tension your line. Using a roller such as the BC Roller, a weblock (AWL6), a webbing grip (Wafer XL), and a soft release, you can tension slacklines of pretty much any length.

There are 3 basic ways to setup the Buckingham system:

Simple Buckingham

The simple Buckingham tensioning system requires just a single grip and a single BC Roller (and a weblock with soft release). Simple run the tail from your weblock through the roller that is attached to a grip that's grabbing onto the webbing entering the weblock. This results in a 3-to-1 (3:1) Mechanical advantage. If you pull 100 lbf on the tail, it will apply 300 lbf on your slackline (minus what you lose to friction).

Compound Buckingham

The next type of Buckingham system is known as the Compound Buckingham system. This requires a single grip, 2 BC Rollers, and a separate sling (and a weblock with soft release). This system achieves a higher 5:1 mechanical advantage while also lowering the friction within the weblock. The actual mechanical advantage acheived with this system is far closer to the 5:1 than the simple system above is close to 3:1. If higher tensions are needed, this is the recommended method.

9:1 Buckingham

The last common system is known as the 9:1 Buckingham system. This system requires 3 BC Rollers, 2 webbing grips, and a weblock with soft release. This system has a LOT of friction and requires a LOT of hardware. The benefits are small and the losses you have due to friction are great. The real world mechanical advantage you see is likely less than the compound system mentioned above.

Needless to say, if higher tensions are required, we recommend the Compound Buckingham system.

The Fondle

A close-up look at the BC Roller and the common devices it's used with.

Take a closer look at the BC Roller with our Fondle video below.

Safety Information

Helpful information on the use of the BC Roller

The BC Roller is NOT certified as PPE. It cannot be relied on as a single component when used as a tether. An additional tether must always be present.

The BC Roller is meant for tensioning slacklines and transporting a single person across a highline. It is not meant for any other uses.

Please read the user manual in full before using the BC Roller. The manual can be found in the Technical Specifications section on this page below.


Some helpful videos on the BC Roller


Length – 120.0 mm (4.72 inches)

Width – 66.2 mm (2.61 inches)

Depth – 20.0 mm (0.79 inches)

Roller Diameter – 17.0 mm (0.67 inches)

Roller Width – 28.6 mm (1.13 inches)

Body Thickness – 11.5mm (0.45 inches)

Gate Length – 56.5 mm (2.22 inches)

Gate Opening – Straight Gate - 28.5 mm (1.12 inches)
Twist-Lock - 25.0 mm (0.98 inches)

Weight – Straight Gate - 121 g (4.27 ounces)
Twist-Lock - 136 g (4.80 ounces)


Major Axis – 21.0 kN (4,721 lbf)

WLL – 4.0 kN (900 lbf)

Minor Axis – 7.0 kN (1,574 lbf)

Gate Open – 6.0 kN (1,350 lbf)


Carabiner Body Material – Anodized Aluminum Alloy 7075

Roller Material – Anodized Aluminum Alloy 7075

Gate Material – Anodized Aluminum Alloy 7075

Bearing Material – CRES 440C Stainless Steel

User Manual

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