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  • Lift 2be Freestyle Rig

    Shipping late-July
    Say hello to the all new Lift 2be Freestyle Rig from Balance Community. We are introducing a safer setup for freestyle lines that offers longevity, versatility, and adjustability all packed...
  • Heavy

    Heavy, strong, AND stretchy!
    Introducing the all new "Heavy", a powerful, high weight, nylon webbing with bounce like no other line out there. This 100 grams per meter beast that is called Heavy is...
    From $3.50
  • JASP

    Shipping mid-August
    Say hello to our simple polyester webbing - JASP (Just a simple polyester). This plain weave webbing has nice characteristics for longlines and highline backups and can serve as a...
    From $1.40
  • Alpine WebLock 5.0

    A New Kind of Webbing Anchor
    Please note, there is a recall on the front pin for the Alpine WebLock 5.0. To read more about this recall, please visit the following page: The Alpine WebLock...
  • Green


    Soft and stable nylon highline webbing
    Introducing the all new Green Slackline Webbing! A lightweight, low-stretch, Nylon webbing that is fantastic for longer projects on nylon! The dense weave and bi-color design offered by Green gives...
  • BC Spanni Round Sling

    Introducing the all new BC Spanni Round Slings, a lightweight, low cost anchor sling that is strong as an Ox. These slings are vibrantly colored purple and black and feature...
    From $7.90
  • BC Prim-50 Slackline Kit

    Shipping with Feather PRO webbing
    Shipping with Feather PRO webbing. Introducing the BC Prim-50 Slackline Kit, a lightweight, easy to use, primitive slackline kit that allows you to rig lines up to 42 meters (138...
  • BC Prim-25 Slackline Kit

    Shipping with Feather PRO
    Shipping with Feather PRO webbing. Introducing the all new BC Prim-25 Slackline Kit! This is the perfect kit for the first-time slackliner. It's super easy to setup, very minimal equipment,...
  • Jybn

    Simple, fun, stretchy, nylon webbing
    Jybn (pronounced Ji-bin) - Just Your Basic Nylon. A lightweight and simple nylon webbing that is fantastic for both walking and as a backup line. This 51 g/m webbing has...
    From $1.50
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