Mia Noblet

Instagram: @mianoblet

Birthday: March 31, 1995

Started Slacklining: 2015

Current Location: Nelson, Canada

Biography: When I was about eight I saw a poster of Dean Potter highlining. There was something special about seeing somebody balancing high up in the mountains, it appealed to me. From a young age I ventured into the mountains. Skiing, hiking, camping. Eventually I got into figure skating and then short track speed skating. Between those two sports I spent eight years on the ice. I started to miss the outdoor adventures that were formerly a big part of my life. It was time to get back outside. At the age of 20 I discovered the Vancouver slackline community and tried highlining for the first time that summer in 2015. Right away I knew skating was finished and all of my free time would be filled with slacklining. I went to Europe shortly after and attended my first slackline festivals in Switzerland and Italy. Since then slacklining has been my life. I really enjoy long highlines, especially for the mind set it puts me in. Long waterline and park lines are great for the technical challenge, but recently I am more keen on alpine and remote access lines that involve a combination of other activities like skiing and climbing.

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