Alexander Schulz

Instagram: @alexander_schulz_slackliner

Birthday: June, 1991

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 71 kg

Started Slacklining: 2008

Current Location: Innsbruck, Austria + Rosenheim, Germany

Biography: Ever since I was born in Rosenheim in 1991 the mountains nearby have been my home. As a boy I went climbing, hiking, skiing, canyoning, caving and mountain biking. However, when I was standing on a slackline for the first time in summer 2008, I was immediately hocked to it! In June 2010 I walked my first highline and after I had graduated from High School in April 2011, I channeled all my energy into slacklining. Since then I have achieved great results and realized many projects together with my team around the world. What motivates me most in slacklining is the rewarding feeling of overcoming yourself all over again each time. This sport taught me how to deal with difficult and sometimes even uncomfortable situations in the best way. Slacklining transformed me from a guy who could not take critics to a self-reflected grown up who still can have tons of fun. I especially enjoy getting into a flow like state walking on long lines. I recently got a bit inti freestyle highlining as well, where you do tricks on 50m+ long highlines. Besides, I am always keen of learning new things and skills as well as visiting beautiful places and share my passions with stoked people from this welcoming slackline community.

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