MadRock Lifeguard


MadRock Lifeguard

The MadRock Lifeguard is auto-belay device that is fantastic for use as a brake in your pulley system. It's a very small device with excellent holding power. A sturdy release handle makes detensioning a breeze.

Picture is of MadRock Safeguard, this product is the MadRock Lifeguard

Tech Specs


MadRock Lifeguard Dimensions

a - Outer Length – Coming Soon

b - Outer Width – Coming Soon

c - Thickness – Coming Soon

d - Anchor Hole Length – Coming Soon

e - Anchor Hole Width – Coming Soon

f - Anchor Hole Thickness – Coming Soon

Acceptable Rope Sizes – 8.9 - 11.0 mm (0.35 - 0.43 inches)

Weight – 154 g (5.43 oz.)

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