Lift 2be Freestyle Rig

85m of connected freestyle fun

A versatile, safe, and adjustable freestyle rig


Say hello to the all new Lift 2be Freestyle Rig from Balance Community. We are introducing a safer setup for freestyle lines that offers longevity, versatility, and adjustability all packed in a single kit.

The Lift 2be Freestyle Rig comes with 85m of Lift 2be with a single sewn connection in middle to another 85m piece of Lift 2be. This connection is a specially designed stitch that retains 14 kN of strength before the stitch sees any damage. After this point, the webbing retains full strength, so no worries about webbing degradation in the very unlikely event of a connection failure.

This 85 + 85m kit with a single middle stitch allows this rig to be flipped, giving you double the lifespan in your freestyle rig.

In addition to the two 85m pieces, this kit will include a single adjustable length extender. This extenders is able to be adjusted from 4m in length all the way up to 8m in length, allowing your setup to be adjusted for various environments, different weight slackliners, and as the webbing stretches out over time.

Upping The Safety, Equaling The Bounce

A single sewn connection in the middle gives peace of mind

A major downside to freestyle setups during the last few years has been a lack of safety with regards to backup falls. Given the extreme abuse that mainlines endure on freestyle lines, it's imperative that we prepare for the worst case scenario - a backup fall.

Traditional setups have a continuous backup from anchor to anchor without any additional connection to the mainline. Given the extreme stretch that typical freestyle mainlines have, this backup can be as much as 20% longer than the mainline. If you don't have an ideal spot to rig your freestyle line with sufficient height, this can be problematic as you can take a very large backup fall, potentially hitting the ground!

Lift 2be Freestyle Rig middle sewn connection

In order to combat that, we have added a sewn connection between the mainline and the backup in the center of the 85m setup. This cuts the backup fall at least in half, likely much more than that as the tight mainline will absorb most of the fall in the event of a mainline failure. If the mainline fails on either side of the stitching, the other half of the mainline will still be holding via the connection stitching. This allows that taught mainline to absorb much of the additional slack in the backup line, drastically lowering the fall height and impact force on the body, line, and anchors.

We have designed a special stitch for this sewn connection that uses far less sewing thread than our traditional sewn loops. It's designed to fail at above 14 kN without doing any damage to the webbing it's sewn into. This ensures you have a bomber sewn connection that if it were to fail, you would still be safe as the main and backup would still be fully intact.

85m - The Perfect Length

Just enough webbing to rig up to 80m of freestyle

The optimal length for freestyle lines varies greatly with what types of tricks you are going for, your body weight, and your personal preference on bounce duration. This freestyle rig comes with a pair of 85m pieces of Lift 2be, giving you just enough material to rig up to 80m of bouncy, freestyle, fun.

Ian Eisenberg Bouncing on Lift 2be

With the sewn connection described above being right in the middle of the line, this gives you a ton of flexibility on how you rig the pair of 85m pieces. You can rig a super short freestyle line and keep the sewn connection in the middle if you use a weblock or mightylock on the mainline on the static side. or you can position the sewn connection off-center on a shorter line while still using the sewn loops on the mainline.

Stay tuned for more info on how to rig your Lift 2be freestyle rig. Also, keep in mind, only a single extender is included with this kit. In order to rig the full 85m, you'll need a second adjustable extender.

Fully Flippable!

Get twice the lifespan out of your freestyle line

Freestyle setups typically have a much higher rate of replacement due to the extreme stress put on them. For a heavy user, you'll be lucky to get 6 months out of a high-performance freestyle rig before it either loses it's bounce or gets severely abraided.

Enter the Lift 2be Freestyle Rig! Since we have a pair of 85m pieces of Lift 2be included in this rig, with a single sewn connection in the middle, you can flip this rig over and use the fresh backup piece as your mainline, effectively doubling the lifespan of your setup. With other sewn freestyle rigs, you are force to retire the virtually unused backup line as soon as your mainline becomes over-stretched.

A pair of 85m pieces of Lift 2be

Longevity is a huge deal for us here at Balance Community. When developing this setup, we had a lot of hope we could find a solution to keep the user as safe as possible while retaining as much performance and lifespan as possible. We believe this solution of a single sewn connection with a pair of freestyle-optimized webbings is the way to go.

A Backup Length That Fits You

No more guessing if you have the right length on your backup line!

A huge downside of other sewn freestyle rigs is that the backup length between the sewn connections and at each end is a fixed length. It's likely that this length will only work in certain situations and with certain slackliners.

Imagine you setup a freestyle line with your friend. Your body weight is around 65 kg (143 lbs) and your friend comes in at 80 kg (176 lbs). That freestyle line will feel drastically different for both people. Either one of you will have a backup that is too tight or too loose, or you'll have to rig another line based on your freinds body weight. It's not ideal to have these fixed lengths for the backup.

Lift 2be Adjustable extender

Enter the Adjustable Webbing Extender. Included with this rig is one of our Adjustable Webbing Extenders made from Lift 2be. With this piece of gear, you can extend the length of your backup as little as 4.5m and as much as 9.0m! Simply girth hitch the fixed sewn loop on the extender to the sewn loop on the static side of your backup and connect the adjustable end to your static anchor. Tension your mainline with the extender nearly fully extended and tighten it up as much as needed for that session. Locked and loaded!


Lift 2be Width – 25.4 mm (1.00 inches)

Lift 2be Thicknes – 3.2 mm (0.13 inches)

Lift 2be Weight – 48 g/m (3.23 lbs/100 feet)

Kit Weight – 7.0 kg (15 lbs)

Shipping Weight – 7.2 kg (15.5 lbs)

Max Rigable Length –
Without Additional Extender - 78m (256 ft)
With Additional 9m Extender - 93m (305 ft)


Lift 2be MBS – 21.5 kN (4,833 lbf)

Lift 2be WLL – 4.3 kN (967 lbf)

Lift 2be Abrasion Retention – 0.5

Adjustable Extender MBS – 18.0 kN (4,046 lbf)


Main Sewn Loop MBS – 20.0 kN (4,496 lbf)

Backup Sewn Loop MBS – 20.0 kN (4,496 lbf)

Connection Stitch MBS – 14.0 kN (3,147 lbf)

Sewing Thread Type – 138-lb Bonded Polyester


Webbing – Lift 2be - 100% nylon tubular webbing

Webbing Weave Structure – Tubular, Self-interlocking & super dense weave with Pillowed Edges

Webbing Weave Zoning – 3 zone weave

Bucklizer Material – Aircraft Aluminum

Lift 2be Stretch

1 kN – 3.31%

2 kN – 5.85%

3 kN – 8.53%

4 kN – 9.59%

5 kN – 10.98%

6 kN – 12.88%

7 kN – 14.42%

8 kN – 15.39%

9 kN – 16.22%

10 kN – 16.90%

11 kN – 17.69%

12 kN – 18.12%

In The Box

In The Box –

  • 2x 85m pieces of Lift 2be with sewn loops on all ends and a single sewn connection in the middle
  • 1x 4.5m - 9.0m Adjustable Webbing Extender made from Lift 2be

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