The CMC MPD is the biggest, baddest pulley system brake on the planet! With a built in 3" sheave that only spins in one direction, you can finally get the most out of your pulley system. In a standard pulley system using a camming type brake, You can lose as much as 50% of your mechanical advantage just from the brake. Not anymore, the MPD fixes that issue!

In combination with the 3" SMC Double Pulleys, lines up to 700 feet long in 5:1 configuration and 2,000 feet long in 9:1 configuration can be rigged. You can now reach the full working load limit of your pulleys with no issues.

After a few exhaustive tests, we able to reach a load of 15.8 kN with a single person using the SMC 3" Double PMP's in a 5:1 configuration and a 3:1 multiplier with the SMC 3" Single PMP. Releasing this force was no problem whatsoever.Some key features of the MPD are as follows:

The Bag

It comes with a very nice canvas bag that has an attachment loop on the top so that you can clip it to your pack or harness. This bag has some very nice padding on the inside of it and is fastened shut with strong hook and loop (velcro). With a piece of hardware as nice as the MPD, a bag of this caliber is much needed.The Sheave MPD Sheave Inside the brake there is a 3" sheave which only spins in the direction of the force. This means that when you are tensioning your line, the sheave inside the brake will spin with the rope, causing there to be very minimal friction. But, when you detension with the MPD, the sheave inside will not spin, thus causing more friction around this sheave, which makes letting out tension very smoother. This smooth tension release can handle up to 22 kN of direct force. Having this brake behind a base pulley system is almost unnecessary.

The Parking Brake

Next on the list of features is the parking brake. This nifty little contraption actually cinches the cam down onto the rope to virtually stop all slippage from occurring. When you are done tensioning and want to start walking your line, this will ensure your pulleys don't go anywhere. Other braking devices have similar features, but they aren't nearly as secure as this.

The Becket

The MPD also has a becket built into it that has a 29 kN (6,519 lbf) 3-sigma Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS). This is extremely handy for when you want to have more than just a 3:1 multiplier on your pulley system. In situations where there is a downhill slope coming away from the tension tree I will also connect a single pulley to the anchor to redirect the rope away from the tree so that I can run down the hill to tension. Having the becket on the brake will make this so much more simple.

The Friction Hook

Another amazing feature is the rope notch and additional friction hook which is used when detensioning. Basically, you just redirect the rope tail around the notch and through the hook to add friction when you want to release tension. Even with 2,000 lbf on this device, releasing has never been easier.

The Release Handle

To release tension, you must pull on the handle and rotate it at the same time. With this method combined with the friction hook, you can easily control the speed at which you let the tension out of your line. Also, since you have to pull on the handle for it to engage, it's literally impossible to accidentally release tension with the MPD. No other braking device out there has something that is comparable to this.

Another thing about the MPD that just cannot be conveyed by pictures is the build quality. When you hold this marvelous piece of gear in your hands you can tell that serious thought and precision went into manufacturing it. It feels very sturdy, extremely durable, and just solid. I would have no problem trusting my life to this piece of gear when used as a brake for my pulley system.

Tech Specs


Weight – 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs)

Acceptable Rope Sizes – 11.0 mm (0.43 inches)


MBS – 49.0 kN (11,015 lbf)

WLL – 9.8 kN (2,023 lbf)

Becket MBS – 29.0 kN (6,519 lbf)


Body Material – Anodized Aluminum Alloy 7075

Handle Material – Anodized Aluminum Alloy 7075

Cam Material – Stainless Steel

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