Alpine WebLock 5.0

A New Kind of Webbing Anchor

The weblock, reimagined. Built for the modern day highlines with low tensions and minimal tensioning gear. With built-in anti-slippage and excellent pretension-ability, the Alpine WebLock 5.0 is your true tensioning-side companion.


Please note, there is a recall on the front pin for the Alpine WebLock 5.0. To read more about this recall, please visit the following page:

The Alpine WebLock 5.0: the weblock, reimagined. We took all the wonderful features of the AWL 4.0, reduced the size, beefed up the strength, made it way lighter, and added many many more features.

The AWL 5.0 has been designed with the modern highliner in mind. With tensions going down and slippage in weblocks at an all time high, the slackline world needed a weblock that offers a reliable locking mechanism. Enter the AWL 5.0 with a built-in anti-slippage mechanism that stops slippage in its tracks, but only when you are done tensioning your line!

At a mere 188 grams, the AWL 5.0 is just over half the weight of the AWL 4.0, with the same MBS value! That's using the ISA Approved Super Single Wrap method for breaking the device! Speaking of which, the AWL 5.0 is pending ISA Certification.

Designed in Chicago / Denver and assembled in Chicago from globally sourced components. 


Anti-Slippage Functionality Built-In!

Keep that line tight and safe while ridin' the bounce

As highlines became looser and looser over the last few years, we as a community started to see weblocks slip under normal usage. This has proven to be a huge issue and has resulted in a number of mainline failures. With the Alpine WebLock 5.0, we aimed to solve that problem by adding an anti-slippage function to the device.

Alpine WebLock 5.0 Anti-Slippage

The way that it works is once you are done tensioning or changing the tension of your line, simply wrap a bite of the tail of the webbing coming out of the weblock around the front bar and clip it off with an oval or HMS carabiner. This effectively is building a 'line-locker' with the tail of your webbing.

When this tie-off cinches down, which it will, the carabiner will act as a lever, allowing you to loosen the tail by swinging it back and forth. This cinching effect is added security that the tail tie-off won't come undone on it's own, but requires a bit of interaction to remove.

Design Optimizations Galore

Material where it's needed and none where it isn't

The AWL 5.0 has drastically reduced in weight compared to the previous version (AWL 4.0). In fact, it's just over half the weight in a similar size profile! We were able to accomplish this by removing all excess material from the device and only leaving it where necessary. This resulted in a very sleek and precise design, with a bit of visual flair built in!

A perfectly oriented connection point on the Wafer

This design reduction includes a smaller front pin (complete with a dyneema catch-cord that no longer tangles), a hollow center diverter, and of course, rounded edges everywhere! This new design is machined out of a single block of aluminum, giving it a solid-body feel.

With the reduction in weight, you might think that the strength would be reduced. Far from it! We were able to retain the high 60 kN MBS of the AWL 4.0, which is a full 12 kN higher than the ISA requires for certified weblocks, giving the device a full 5:1 safety margin. Rest easy with this tight long highlines using the AWL 5.0.

Pre-tensions Like a Dream

New geoemtry and embedded becket give more options than ever before to tension your line.

The Alpine WebLock 5.0 has a much lower front pin compared to other weblocks. This gives the webbing less surface area to contact when installed properly. This less contact area leads to less friction when the webbing is sliding through the device when you tension. This combined with a hard anodization gives the AWL 5.0 fantastic pretensionability.

Alpine WebLock 5.0 becket

In addition to the optimized geometry of the diverter and front pin, the AWL 5.0 comes with a functional becket on the front-end of the device. This becket is compatible with most carabiners (including roller carabiners) and 12mm or smaller shackles, allowing you to attach a tensioning system or build a complex or compound Buckingham system right on the device! No more dealing with slings or weird attachment methods to get your system working with your tensioning method, just clip it right to the becket! This becket has a 6 kN WLL.

An Anchor Hole for Everything

Huge anchor hole works with most connectors, spansets, static rope, and even soft releases!

Keeping with the tradition of the AWL 4.0, we have an awesome anchor hole on the AWL 5.0. It works with all sorts of different shackles, soft shackles (6mm is best as the knot is captured by the anchor hole), up to Green spansets, and up to 6-strands of 9mm static rope!

Alpine WebLock 5.0 anchor hole

Not only can you attach the AWL 5.0 with most connectors and soft rigging, it has also been optimized to work with a soft release! Simply pass your soft release strands down through the device and the back rails align perfectly to guide the soft release in an optimal way. Truely an all-in-one device.


Length – 130.5 mm (5.14 inches)

Width – 72.7 mm (2.86 inches)

Height – 54.7 mm (2.15 inches)

Diverter Diameter – 28.6 mm to 19mm (1.13 inches to 0.75 inches)

Weight – 188 g (6.6 oz)

Approved Webbing Widths – 24.0 - 26.0 mm (0.94 - 1.02 inches)

Pin Diameter – 11.05 mm (0.44 inches)

Pin Length – 37.6 mm (1.48 inches)


MBS – 60.0 kN (13,600 lbf)

WLL – 12.0 kN (2,698 lbf)

Becket WLL – 6.0 kN (1,349 lbf)


Body Material – Anodized Aluminum Alloy 7075

Pin Material – CRES 17-4 pH Stainless Steel

Handle Material – Anodized Aluminum Alloy 2024

Ball Material – CRES 440C Stainless Steel

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