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Sterling 7/16" SuperStatic 2

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  • Optimized for Tensioning - Pairs perfectly with our SBI Pulleys

  • Strong and Supple - A great static rope for using for a tensioning system

  • Low Stretch - Even though it's Nylon, it still has low stretch

  • Sold by the meter

The perfect rope to use with your SBI Pulley System.

Item is sold by the meter. Enter the number of meters you want in the quantity box.

All lengths are sent as continuous pieces.

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Sterling Rope



The Sterling 7/16" SuperStatic 2 rope is a supple, super durable, 100% nylon static rope. The malleability of this rope makes it work perfectly with our SBI Pulleys.

This is a workhorse rope that is built to last. The sheath is tough, the strength is high, and the stretch is low, all of which make this a great rope for a tensioning system.

Made in the US.


MBS 29.0 kN (6,519 lbf)
WLL 2.9 kN (652 lbf)
Material 100% Nylon
Weight 81.8 g/m (5.5 lbs/100 ft)





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