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Soft Shackle - 6mm

The 1/4" Soft Shackle is an innovative connector from Balance Community that is an extremely lightweight replacement for steel connectors in your slackline rig. Reduce the weight of your setup by several pounds by switching over to use soft shackles instead of steel. Strong, ultra lightweight, and versatile, the BC Soft Shackle is a must for any dedicated slackliner. Please note, these are advanced rigging connectors. Please learn how to use properly before using in the field.

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Please Note: These connectors are for advanced rigging practices. If used improperly, they can easily become damaged and/or fail. Please inform yourself with proper use before using in your slackline setup. Click on the "Knowledge" tab to find articles on proper use.

The BC Soft Shackle is an innovative connector made from high strength Dyneema SK-78 12-strand rope. The concept uses a noose and stopper knot to make a reliable connector that is easy to install and extremely strong. The method of stopper knot that we have used for these soft shackles is the Button Knot, which has been shown to provide a strength of just over 200% of the ropes strength. That means that these super lightweight connectors break at over 72 kN (16,186 lbf)!

These soft shackles work perfectly to anchor the Alpine WebLock 3.0 and 4.0

Every single one of the soft shackles has been pulled to 6,000 lbf to set the knot and to test for any manufacturing defects. This ensures a reliable connector that you can use time and time again. Each shackle is covered with a 48-carrier Nylon Rope sheathing for abrasion protection.

Not only are soft shackles much lighter than traditional steel shackles, but they are also much more versatile! Since they are flexible and can morph to whatever shape you want, they can be used in many more configurations and with strangely shaped objects much better than steel shackles or carabiners can. There is no problem with tri-loading soft shackles either, since they can morph to the shape of what they are connecting to without any problems.

As long as you ensure the noose is properly snug up against the stopper knot, these soft shackles are as bomber (or even more bomber) than any steel connector out there! Not to mention, they are 10x lighter than steel.

Approved Hardware Uses

The following pieces of gear are acceptable to use with these soft shackles:

  • Alpine WebLock 3.0
  • Alpine WebLock 4.0
  • SMC Large Rigging Plate (if it has no burrs)
  • Rock Exotica Rigging Plates (if they have no burrs)
  • Rock Exotica Omni-Block Pulleys (if has no burrs)
  • Rock Exotica Double Rescue Pulleys (if has no burrs)
  • Blue Spansets
  • BC HighlineGrip

Un-Approved Hardware Uses

The following pieces of gear are NOT acceptable to use with these soft shackles:

  • Alpine WebLock 2.2 and lower
  • Any steel plated webbing anchors
  • Any steel rigging plates
  • Any hardware with visible burrs

If you ever have a question whether you can use your soft shackle with a specific piece of hardware, PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE USE!

Hand crafted and tested in the USA from materials also made in the USA.


MBS 72.0 kN (16,186 lbf)
WLL 12.0 kN (2,696 lbf)
Weight Depends on length





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