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SMC 3" Pulley Pack

The SMC 3" Pulley Pack is a set of pulleys to get your started on your longline tensioning system. It includes 2x SMC 3" Double Pulleys and 1x SMC 3" Single Pulley. Free shipping in the US

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Now offering free shipping within the US! For shipping to Canada, a flat rate of $14.95 will apply. For all other International destinations, a flat rate of $19.95 will apply.

The SMC Pulley Pack is back! A set of 3 pulleys to get you started on your longline tensioning system. Included with this kit are the following pulleys:

  • 2x SMC 3" Double PMP
  • 1x SMC 3" Single PMP

These are the pulleys used by the pros to setup and walk lines over 400 feet in length. They are extremely robust and ultra efficient. Working hard to get your line tight is a thing of the past when using these pulleys.


MBS 60.0 kN (13,488 lbf)
WLL 12.0 kN (2,698 lbf)
Weight 1,488 g (52.49 oz)





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