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Slimb Soap - 16 Oz. - Citrus Tea Scent

An all natural soap for cleaning your slackline webbing and ropes.

  • Dirt Free - Rid your slackline webbing from all dirt and grime.

  • All Natural - Natural ingredients with a Citrus Tea Scent

  • Simple Cleaning Process - Get your line clean in under 10 minutes

  • Designed and Made in Michigan, USA

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Looking for a way to clean your slackline webbing or rope? Look no further as we have the best solution out there! We've teamed up with our friends over at Slimbsoap.com to bring you an all natural soap designed specifically for cleaning slackline webbing.

Made from all natural ingredients with a Citrus Tea scent, this soap is thee solution for getting your line clean! Simply throw your line in a bucket, fill it with water and mix some soap in. Then scrub your line for a while and tada, it's clean!

The volume of this soap is 16 fl oz. (473 ml), which is plenty for up to 400m of webbing, or to clean 100m of webbing 4 times.

Designed and Manufactured in Michigan, USA






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