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Webbing Accessories

From sleeves to webbing anchors, find all your webbing accessories here.

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  • Shackle Line-Locker

    4 Review(s)
    The Shackle Line-Locker is a inexpensive, strong and reliable way to anchor your slackline webbing. Compatible with webbings from 11/16" all the way up to 1-1/4" wide. This is one of the most versatile webbing anchors out there! Learn More
    MBS 89.0 kN (20,000 lbf)
    WLL 7 kN (1,573 lbf)
    Weight 684 - 1,784 g (11.7 - 62.9 oz)

    Starting at: $29.00

  • 1-1/2" Tubular Webbing - By the Meter

    8 Review(s)
    1-1/2-inch (38mm) Tubular webbing is the perfect webbing for sleeving your line when superior protection is needed. Sold by the meter. Learn More
    MBS 20.0 kN (4,496 lbf)
    WLL 4.0 kN (899 lbf)
    Material Nylon (Polyamide)
    Weight 55 g/m (3.70 lbs/100 ft)
  • Webbing Sleeve

    2 Review(s)
    The webbing sleeve is a lightweight, durable, and super protective sleeve that protects your webbing from abrasion in some of the more critical parts of your slackline setup. Great for frost knots on your backup line! Sleeves are 1 meter long. Learn More
    Material Nylon (Polyamide)
    Weight Depends on Width
  • Alpine WebLock 4.0

    30 Review(s)
    The all new Alpine WebLock 4.0, a new standard for webbing anchors. Beautiful 2 piece design with pure versatile geometry. With a huge anchor hole, it's compatible with most standard connectors. Rounded edges, smooth pre-tensioning, this webbing anchor is what dreams are made of. Built by dedicated slackliners for the dedicated slackliners. Free shipping in the US Learn More
    MBS 60.0 kN (13,600 lbf)
    WLL 12.0 kN (2,698 lbf)
    Weight 335 g (11.8 oz)
  • BC Sewn Loop

    10 Review(s)
    An innovative and useful way to anchor your slackline webbing. The BC Sewn Loop consists of 2 cascading sewn loops at the end of your slackline webbing that you can use for main and backup anchors. Requires the purchase of a slackline webbing. May not be purchased as a standalone product and may not be applied to previously purchased or non-Balance Community webbing. Learn More
    MBS 80% of Webbing MBS
    WLL Same WLL as the Sewn Webbing
    Weight NA
  • Slimb Soap - 16 Oz. - Citrus Tea Scent

    1 Review(s)
    An all natural soap for cleaning your slackline webbing and ropes.
    • Dirt Free - Rid your slackline webbing from all dirt and grime.
    • All Natural - Natural ingredients with a Citrus Tea Scent
    • Simple Cleaning Process - Get your line clean in under 10 minutes
    • Designed and Made in Michigan, USA
    Learn More
  • Soft Release

    4 Review(s)
    Introducing the BC Soft Release - a great way to easily and controllably detension your longline, trickline, or highline! Wrap the release webbing 6 times between 2 shackles and tie off the end. When ready to detension your slackline, simple undo the knots and carefully allow the webbing to unravel. Great for soft-pointed lines. Learn More
    MBS With 6 wraps: 60+ kN
    WLL With 6 wraps: 10.0 kN (2,248 lbf)
    Material Polyester
    • 25 ft Strap - 294 g (10.37 oz)
    • 45 ft Strap - 518 g (18.27 oz)
    Starting at $26.95

  • Wind Dampener Kit

    3 Review(s)
    The Wind Dampener Kit is the perfect way to stop the oscillations of your slackline or highline in windy conditions. The kit comes with 10 pre-cut wind dampeners, a roll of White Slackline Tape, and a set of instructions. Never let the wind stop you from slacklining again! Learn More
  • Adjustable Anchor Webbing

    17 Review(s)
    The all new Adjustable Anchor Webbing is an extremely versatile webbing that allows you to create any length sling that you need by providing anchor holes every 3". With many different configurations, this is an extremely great product for anchoring your slacklines. Learn More
    MBS 44.48 kN (10,000 lbf)
    Material Nylon (Polyamide)
    Weight 100 g/m (6.75 lbs/100 ft.)

    Starting at: $6.30

  • Feather - By the Meter

    • Very Lightweight - Perfect for the traveling slackliner
    • Low Friction - Great for soft releases and primitive systems
    • Packs Super Small - Great for a quick line in the park
    • Current Color - Black
    Learn More
    MBS 20.0 kN (4,500 lbf)
    WLL 4.0 kN (900 lbf)
    Material Polyester (PES)
    Weight 34 g/m (2.28 lbs/100 ft)

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