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Various components and accessories for your slackline kits. From multipliers to soft releases, these components will help you build up your slackline kit exactly how you want it to be.

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  • Soft Release

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    Introducing the BC Soft Release - a great way to easily and controllably detension your longline, trickline, or highline! Wrap the release webbing 6 times between 2 shackles and tie off the end. When ready to detension your slackline, simple undo the knots and carefully allow the webbing to unravel. Great for soft-pointed lines. Learn More
    MBS With 6 wraps: 60+ kN
    WLL With 6 wraps: 10.0 kN (2,248 lbf)
    Material Polyester
    • 25 ft Strap - 294 g (10.37 oz)
    • 45 ft Strap - 518 g (18.27 oz)
    Starting at $26.95

  • Simple Primitive Multiplier Kit

    This primitive multiplier kit will help gain additional mechanical advantage when rigging your primitive style slackline kit. Easily add twice as much tension as you could before with this incredibly simple multiplier kit design. Learn More
    MBS 22.2 kN (5,000 lbf)
    WLL 4.0 kN (899 lbf)
    Weight 185 g (6.5 oz.)
  • Primitive Tensioning Strap

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    The Primitive Tensioning Strap is a great way to tension your primitive slackline while keeping the line you walk on separate from the tensioning system. Never worry about damaging your slackline webbing or having to build a primitive system right in the middle of a long piece again! Learn More
    MBS 33.4 kN (7,500 lbf)
    WLL 6.0 kN (1,350 lbf)
    Weight 530 g (18.7 oz)
  • Pull Squared Multiplier Kit

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    A super lightweight multiplier kit built for primitive style slacklines. Easily extend your primitive setup to 150 feet or three times the tension. Perfect for slackliners looking to take the next step with their setup. Learn More
    MBS 8.9 kN (2,000 lbf)
    WLL 1.8 kN (400 lbf)
    Weight 502 g (17.7 oz)
  • Balance Community Haulbag

    BC Haulbags make for an excellent addition to your gear pile! The perfect bags for hauling gear to the park or up a cliff to an epic highline. With 2 sizes to choose from ranging from 69 Liters all the way up to 125 Liters, there is a bag size for everyone! Color may vary from picture. Learn More
    Material Indestructible Durathane
    Weight Depends on Size

    Starting at: $179.00

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