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Rope Grabs

Tools for grabbing onto your pulley system rope to create a multiplier. These ascenders allow you to grab onto the tensioning rope and instal a secondary pulley system to make tensioning even easier. View each product for more information.

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  • Petzl Croll

    The Petzl Croll is the ultimate multiplier rope-grab with a wide range of rope sizes and extremely lightweight construction. A must-have for any dedicated slackliner. Learn More
    MBS 14 kN (3.147 lbf)
    Material Aluminum
    Weight 85g (3.0 oz.)
  • Sterling 6mm x 13.5" Prusik

    A short, 13.5" prusik made from 6mm accessory cord. The prusik is a very effective tool for grabbing onto ropes. This item is especially great for a multiplier on your pulley system. Learn More
    MBS 15.0 kN (3,372 lbf)
    Material Nylon (Polyamide)
    Weight 109 g (4.0 oz)

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