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  • SMC CRx Pulley

    1 Review(s)
    The SMC CRX Pulley is a great pulley for multipliers. It's extreme lightweight design is perfect to carry with you as an extra pulley for added mechanical advantage. At just 63.8g, you would hardly feel the weight at all in your pack. Learn More
    MBS 27.0 kN (6,070 lbf)
    WLL 5.4 kN (1,214 lbf)
    Weight 63.8 g (2.25 oz)
  • The 8mm Twist Quicklink is a lightweight, super strong, compact connector that is great for many applications within your slackline or highline rig. Learn More
    MBS 32.0 kN (7,194 lbf)
    WLL 6.4 kN ((1,439 lbf)
    Material Zinc-Plated Steel
    Weight 106 g (3.74 oz)
  • SBI Pulley - Sheave Set

    A set of two replacement sheaves for the SBI Slackline Pulleys. Learn More
  • SBI Pulley - Axle Set

    A replacement axle and nut for the SBI Slackline Pulleys. Learn More

    Starting at: $4.00

  • SBI Pulley - Brake

    A replacement brake arm for the SBI Pulleys. Learn More
  • Heightec Pulsar Handled Ascender

    2 Review(s)
    The most ergonomically-shaped handled ascender on the market! Perfect for increasing your strength when tightening your slacklines. Learn More
    MBS 4.0 - 6.5 kN (899 - 1,461 lbf)
    Material Aluminum frame, chrome-plated steel cam, rubber over molded plastic grip, nylon catch
    Weight 221 g (6.9 oz)

    Regular Price: $71.95

    Special Price $50.00

  • Sterling 6mm x 35cm Prusik

    1 Review(s)
    A short, 35cm (13.5-inch) long prusik made from Sterling 6mm accessory cord. The prusik is a very effective tool for grabbing onto ropes and webbing. This item is especially great for a multiplier on your pulley system or as a quick linegrab. Learn More
    MBS 15.0 kN (3,372 lbf)
    Material Nylon (Polyamide)
    Weight 18 g (0.63 oz)

    Regular Price: $10.90

    Special Price $6.90

  • Edelrid Eddy

    6 Review(s)
    The Edelrid Eddy is a fantastic brake system for moderate length slacklines. It works with 9 - 11mm diameter ropes and has an easy-to-release handle. Perfect in combination with the SMC 3" Double PMP's for lines up to 400 feet in length. Learn More
    MBS 14.0 kN (3,147 lbf)
    WLL 2.8 kN (629 lbf)
    Weight 360 g (12.69 oz.)
  • Petzl Micro-Traxion

    1 Review(s)
    The MICRO TRAXION is an ultra-light (85 g), ultra-compact progress-capture pulley that is exceptionally efficient (91 %) thanks to its sealed ball bearings. The cam can be locked in open position so the device can be used as a simple pulley. Learn More
    MBS 14 kN
    WLL 2.5 kN
    Material Aluminum
    Weight 85g (3.0 oz.)

    1 Review(s)
    The ultimate slackline brake. With built in 3" sheave that has virtually no friction. Easily reach the working load of your pulleys in any combination. Tension lines up to 700 feet by yourself with a 5:1 pulley system or up to 2,000 feet with a 9:1 pulley system. Free shipping in the US Learn More
    MBS 44.0 kN (9,891 lbf)
    WLL 8.8 kN (1,978 lbf)
    Material Alloy 7075 Aluminum
    Weight 1,100 g (38.80 oz.)
  • SBI Pulley System

    • Good Up To 330 feet - The perfect pulley system for rigging lines up to 100m (330 feet) in length.
    • Bomber 4:1 System - Everything you need to rig a 4:1 pulley system and 3:1 multiplier with the SBI Pulleys
    • Robust System - A solid built pulley system meant for trashing and bashing. Great for hardcore slackliners with heavy usage.
    • Your Choice of Rope Length - Comes with 50, 80, or 120 feet of rope, depending on how much you need.

    A bomber pulley system made for the heavy usage slackliner that likes a quick and easy rig up to 100m in length.

    Learn More
    MBS 44.5 kN (10,000 lbf)
    WLL 8.9 kN (2,000 lbf)
    Weight 5.47 - 9.32 lbs (2.5 - 4.2 kg)
  • 1 Review(s)
    12mm Oval Maillon Rapides are an excellent alternative to carabiners. They offer the same strength benefits of a steel carabiner for a fraction of the cost. Excellent for various connections within your pulley system or highline anchors. Learn More
    MBS 73.6 kN (16,535 lbf)
    WLL 14.7 kN (3,307 lbf)
    Material Zinc-Plated Galvanized Steel
    Weight 232g (8.2 oz)

    Regular Price: $10.90

    Special Price $6.90

  • Shackle Line-Locker

    4 Review(s)
    The Shackle Line-Locker is a inexpensive, strong and reliable way to anchor your slackline webbing. Compatible with webbings from 11/16" all the way up to 1-1/4" wide. This is one of the most versatile webbing anchors out there! Learn More
    MBS 89.0 kN (20,000 lbf)
    WLL 7 kN (1,573 lbf)
    Weight 684 - 1,784 g (11.7 - 62.9 oz)

    Starting at: $29.00

  • Omega Pacific Oval Carabiner

    4 Review(s)
    Omega Pacific offers a very strong super light oval carabiner that is great for primitive system slacklines. At only 65g in weight, this biner goes great in the hand bag for a quick and easy setup. Learn More
    Material Aluminum
    Weight 65 g (2.3 oz)

    Regular Price: $7.90

    Special Price $5.50

  • Aluminum Leash Ring

    A lightweight and strong aluminum leash ring optimized for 1 inch highlines.
    • Lightweight - 50 grams each
    • Strong - 24 kN in strength
    • Perfect Dimensions - 60mm inner diameter
    Learn More
    MBS 24.0 kN (5,395 lbf)
    I.D. 2.36" (60.0mm)
    Material 7075 Aluminum
    Weight 50 g (1.76 oz)

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